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When disasters strike, OB volunteers are often
the first on the ground and the last to leave.
They bring hope and help to those facing crisis and disaster.

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Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines, Inc. is the humanitarian arm of CBN Asia, the producer of “The 700 Club Asia.”

Established in 1996 to reach out to the most neglected and disadvantaged people in the Philippines, Operation Blessing is a non-governmental organization, duly licensed by the Department of Social Welfare
and Development and accredited by the Philippine Council for NGO Certification as a donee institution.



Operation Blessing develops programs that impart love and instill hope among the future generation.


Whether in response to natural disasters such as a storm, fire, earthquake, or tsunami, or to refugees in the midst of life-threatening conflict, Operation Blessing is helping victims or survivors endure and recover by providing critical aid.


Operation Blessing Philippines provides a diverse range of medical services to individuals and communities considered as the “poorest of the poor” and that have little or no access to proper healthcare.


Operation Blessing help alleviate hunger for people impacted by disasters or populations in marginalized communities.

Our Stories

Dreams and Crossroads

Bledmarc Villanueva’s journey towards finishing school hasn’t really been easy. But through your help and support to Operation Blessing’s Back-To-School (BTS) Project, he now holds a bachelor’s degree in his hands. Dreams really do come true! Here is his story. In his...

Malnourishment in the time of pandemic and calamities

A study conducted by The World Bank in 2021 shows that 30 percent of Filipino children aged 5 years and below exhibit stunted growth caused by malnutrition. (Source: see below) That is 3 in every 10 children, and most of them live in far flung areas in Visayas and...

Serving Delicious and Nutritious Meals for Undernourished Kids

Every mealtime, Joan Tamang, 26, was always having difficulty feeding her children, resulting in their stunted growth. So she was overjoyed when she learned that their local church, Faith In Christ Alone, partnered with Operation Blessing to provide daily feeding for...

The Power of Determination

Mariel Guballo is a responsible young lady who has a heart for the church and its ministries. She was in Grade 6 when her father passed away, leaving her mom to raise her and her five siblings. Mariel put off college after finishing high school to give way to her...

BTS helped a scholar write her own success story

“Not good enough.” “Not rich enough.” “Just not enough.” These words are randomly thrown at children coming from incomplete family. However, the question is: do we care ENOUGH about how they survive, how they are being educated, and how they are being sheltered...

Food on the Table for Rodrigo Family

The lockdown due to the coronavirus has brought unprecedented hardships not just for the Filipino workers but also to the tribal communities, as it drastically threatened their livelihood. Adding to their burden is their limited access to healthcare, education and...

Stepping Out of Scabies

  Kristine, like a typical child, loves playing in the field barefoot. Little did she know that too much exposure to dirt may cause the wound infection on her foot to last for almost six years. When she lived with her father in Davao, the only remedy her father...

Ashfall triggered baby Nico’s sensitive skin, received medical treatment

On a sunny day of January 12, Taal Volcano erupted after a long sleep of 43 years. Along with the ashes, rash and wounds started to rupture on Nico Galla's sensitive skin. "When the eruption happened, we boarded into a boat hurriedly, bringing nothing. All that we...

Superbook Joins Operation Blessing in Inspiring the Children of Batangas to Hope Again

They say that children are the first ones to be greatly affected in times of calamities. Last January 12, the province of Batangas was put into a state of calamity because of the Taal Volcano eruption. Due to this, most cities and towns in CALABARZON were covered in...

Health and Nutrition for a family in Sitio Kabuhuan

Living in the mountains means favorable access to abundance of natural resources, cool breeze of air, and supplies of root crops and vegetables. Dumagat tribe’s origin is the same as Aeta’s in Northern Luzon or the Negritos which are the earliest inhabitants in the...

Free ultrasound relieves 69-year-old grandmother

One of our beneficiaries in our medical mission in Macabebe, Pampanga last June 2 is Melita, 69 years old, and was seen to have fatty liver by her internist.  “I have been suffering in this pain for a long time. The doctor told me to have my liver monitored through...

Giving the Gift of Mobility 

From being an on-the-go person, often out for work either as a construction worker, farmer, or fisherman, Rogelio Rechacho Jr., 36, was suddenly bedridden for more than 2 years – unable to work and relied in the assistance of his family in doing daily activities such...

A widow’s answered prayer

For Jennifer, eating and chewing food is extremely painful. She can’t even do simple household chores because of her toothache. In the past medical missions she’s been in, the dentists have always refused to extract her wisdom tooth seeing that it was a complex case. ...

Enlivened hope

They say that “when it rains, it pours.” It is seen not only with blessings, but also with trials that seem to arrive all at the same time. This is what Rachel Guab seemed to experience when her baby was diagnosed first with Classic Rubella Syndrome, then discovered...

Seeking and Finding

Pia Jurado’s first born, Jhorex Jay Campaner, was born with bilateral cleft lip and cleft palate. While then 20-year-old first time mother could not hold her tears seeing her baby undergo surgery, she was filled with determination and hope that her son’s condition can be surgically corrected — they just need to find the resources to make it possible.

A lifestyle of stewardship

For Pastor Victor Homer Farsario of Jesus the Living Gospel Church, every opportunity is an opportunity to share the Good News. So whenever it comes, he makes every effort to do outreaches for the poor and minister the Word of God. Now serving his 37th year in the...

Mobile Clinic: An answer to a patient’s silent prayers

Silently seated on her wheelchair, 85-year-old Flauviana Balba waited first in line for the opening of Operation Blessing’s (OB) Mobile Clinic in Ibaan, Batangas. “God is gracious, we are thankful because they visited us. We are happy we will be checked-up,” says...

A Dumagat grandfather finally gets dental extraction after years

“My teeth hurt so bad. It has been affecting my mobility for a very long time. Today, finally, I had it extracted! Thank you so much!” Loreto lined up early to make sure to save a slot in our medical brigade in Sitio Bulak, Nueva Ecija. Coming from the Dumagat tribe,...

Operation Blessing, truly a blessing

“Operation Blessing, you guys are truly a blessing from God!” —Webb Ampo, 61, beneficiary of Operation Blessing Mobile Clinic last April 20, 2022 in West Bicutan, Taguig 

A heart for the unreached

When Christal Cantiga saw the opportunity to minister to underserved communities in Occidental Mindoro, she did not hesitate to use her supposed rest days at work to join our Medical Brigade in partnership with local churches and the 76th Infantry Battalion, AFP, PA....

A House of Hope

JR Catacio dreams of being a police officer someday. But because of their situation at home — having a very small living space located within the danger zone, sometimes with no electricity, and not conducive for studying as the area is also noisy — he had doubts. “I...

Starting over again

“We lost everything we had. I am only able to save my children and some important documents, but all our belongings – clothes, appliances – are now gone,” she recalls. Having little children made their stay in the evacuation site extra difficult. The children are not comfortable staying in the little 2-meter square tent allotted for each family. 

Finding hope after the storm

Nothing beats the impact of Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in 2015 for the residents of Concepcion, Iloilo. But the same fear that struck them during the catastrophe is similar to what the survivors felt when Typhoon Agaton hit their town, leaving several homes...

A shepherd’s heart

“Nothing gives me greater joy than to be able to share the love of Jesus Christ to people. And the Gospel is more effectively preached if we have something to give to them to meet their immediate needs, like these relief goods,” said Pastor Dan, who has been one of...

Remaining calm in the storm

The flood last March 9, 2022, was one of the havocs that tested Mario’s faith, a 35-year-old resident of Barangay Ticulab in Maitum, Sarangani Province. On that day, the floodwater reached chest level, threatening their safety. Mario and his wife immediately brought...

Caring begins with a brave initiative

Sometimes, it could be tempting to believe that the world centers around us and our needs. And considering all the perfect goals we need to tick off our bucket list, taking the initiative to volunteer for a worthwhile cause and to give our time, resources, and...

“The joy of the Lord is my strength,” – Mary Jane Espartero, OB partner

The storm that swept away the houses in their community is the same storm that strengthened their faith and advanced their ministry... Meet Mary Jane Espartero, 36, a wife to Pastor Joevin Espartero of Sipalay Bible Baptist Church in Negros Occidental, one of the...

49 people on top of one roof during Typhoon Odette

Imagine having a crowd of 49 people to keep safe inside your house during a storm. Fascinating, right? Now imagine having this many people on the roof of your house while a strong wind is blowing and a muddy flood is rising. This is what happened during Typhoon...

Their house was destroyed by the storm, but their family isn’t

Their house may have been destroyed, but their family remains strong and united, and they will rise again. This is the story of Marites, 49, and her daughter Maricar, 24, residents of Sipalay City who experienced the wrath of Super Typhoon Odette. The power was cut...

Helping Communities Find Clean Water after Typhoon Odette

On December 17, 2021, Typhoon Rai (Odette) made its eighth landfall in Negros Oriental. Reflecting on the far-reaching impacts of the storm, as well as the risk that remote communities face each day, further highlight the critical need for clean water in large supply...


Operation Blessing is committed to help transform people’s lives – from one who is desperate to one who is full of hope.
But we cannot do so on our own. We need YOUR HELP. Get involved NOW. Together, let us make a difference.
We usually think that if we volunteer, it will take a lot of our time, it will consume our resources, but I can testify that if you give from your heart, whatever you can give – may it be your talent, time, resources – you will receive more in return.
Dr. Darwin Gaba

Volunteer Dentist

It reminds me that as a Christian, you don’t just speak God’s word, but you live it. With OB, they practice what they preach. Everyone can serve, but not everyone can serve with compassion, and that’s what Operation Blessing does – serving with compassion,
Caroluzzi Lagunay

Student Volunteer

“Get outside of your 4 walls and see for yourselves. You can be a blessing, just by showing up, just by being there or just by talking to somebody. You do not have to join or organize events or charities to see what you can do,”
Philip Pamintuan

Dance Choreographer and Zumba instructor

Let’s INSPIRE CHANGE to better our nation – one family, one community, at a time.
Lend a helping hand by volunteering as a medical worker, teacher, counselor, fundraiser, photographer,
writer, registration personnel, encoder, all-around assistant or in any way you can.

Corporate Partnerships

Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines, Inc. gives an opportunity for your company to become a vessel of change in someone’s life as we aim to proclaim the good news and bring transformation in the lives of the people. We are more than privileged to connect your company in giving hope for our afflicted kababayans crying for physical, emotional, mental, financial, and spiritual help.

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Operation Blessing develops programs that impart love and instill hope among our kababayans.