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When disasters strike, OB volunteers are often
the first on the ground and the last to leave.
They bring hope and help to those facing crisis and disaster.

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A charity you
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Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines, Inc. is the humanitarian arm of CBN Asia, the producer of “The 700 Club Asia.”

Established in 1996 to reach out to the most neglected and disadvantaged people in the Philippines, Operation Blessing is a non-governmental organization, duly licensed by the Department of Social Welfare
and Development and accredited by the Philippine Council for NGO Certification as a donee institution.



Operation Blessing develops programs that impart love and instill hope among the future generation.


Whether in response to natural disasters such as a storm, fire, earthquake, or tsunami, or to refugees in the midst of life-threatening conflict, Operation Blessing is helping victims or survivors endure and recover by providing critical aid.


Operation Blessing Philippines provides a diverse range of medical services to individuals and communities considered as the “poorest of the poor” and that have little or no access to proper healthcare.


Operation Blessing help alleviate hunger for people impacted by disasters or populations in marginalized communities.

Our Stories

Leaving a Legacy of Learning: The Story of a Mangyan Teacher

Growing up in a Hanunuo Mangyan tribe, Menya Lanas never thought her future would be anything more than what she saw around her. But she was determined to change that. From a young age, Menya, who lives in the mountainous area of Sinariri, saw the lack of educational...

From hardship to hope

The road to graduation is different for everyone. For Christine Requiez, it was a journey that started long before she set foot on a college campus. Raised by her grandparents after her parents' separation, Christine learned the value of hard work and perseverance....

Back-To-School Scholar finishes with flying colors

“Lord, if You will allow me to pass this entrance exam, please help me find support until I graduate…” Richil shared this still vivid memory of her prayer when she was seated in a room during her college entrance exam in 2018. Four years later, God honored her faith...

A test turned testimony

Life came crashing down for Ralph German in 2017 when his mother was diagnosed with a stage 2 cancer, while his father also had to stop working due to a hip ailment. His two siblings already had their own families to provide for, and another one was suffering from a...

Dreams and Crossroads

Bledmarc Villanueva’s journey towards finishing school hasn’t really been easy. But through your help and support to Operation Blessing’s Back-To-School (BTS) Project, he now holds a bachelor’s degree in his hands. Dreams really do come true! Here is his story. In his...

Malnourishment in the time of pandemic and calamities

A study conducted by The World Bank in 2021 shows that 30 percent of Filipino children aged 5 years and below exhibit stunted growth caused by malnutrition. (Source: see below) That is 3 in every 10 children, and most of them live in far flung areas in Visayas and...

Serving Delicious and Nutritious Meals for Undernourished Kids

Every mealtime, Joan Tamang, 26, was always having difficulty feeding her children, resulting in their stunted growth. So she was overjoyed when she learned that their local church, Faith In Christ Alone, partnered with Operation Blessing to provide daily feeding for...

The Power of Determination

Mariel Guballo is a responsible young lady who has a heart for the church and its ministries. She was in Grade 6 when her father passed away, leaving her mom to raise her and her five siblings. Mariel put off college after finishing high school to give way to her...

BTS helped a scholar write her own success story

“Not good enough.” “Not rich enough.” “Just not enough.” These words are randomly thrown at children coming from incomplete family. However, the question is: do we care ENOUGH about how they survive, how they are being educated, and how they are being sheltered...

Food on the Table for Rodrigo Family

The lockdown due to the coronavirus has brought unprecedented hardships not just for the Filipino workers but also to the tribal communities, as it drastically threatened their livelihood. Adding to their burden is their limited access to healthcare, education and...

Matigsalug mother sought medical attention for ill child

As a mother of five, Michelle’s primary concern is the health and wellbeing of her children. With her husband planting bananas, corn, and other crops, their family income is limited. Michelle is a 38-year-old mother, belonging to the Matigsalug tribe, who lives in a...

A Lumad farmer’s first eye checkup

Once a vibrant farmer, Diokno's life took a dramatic turn when he lost his hearing in 2018. He'd resigned himself to a life without medical care since then. But all of that changed when he learned about a medical mission in their community, which provided him with his...

A Mother’s Love

Among the hundreds of beneficiaries in Brgy. Lubigan Jr., Sipocot, Camarines Sur who lined up to avail Operation Blessing’s free medical, dental, and optical checkups as well as circumcision, these two caught our attention: an old mother dotingly pushing an old...

The storm that brought blessings – Operation Blessing Philippines

Maribel Amarga, 54, and her husband, Inocentes Amarga, 64, live in San Ricardo, Southern Leyte as housekeepers for a friend. Inocentes used to be a habal-habal (motorcycle taxi driver), but he was unable to work after suffering a stroke eight years ago.  The...

God is so kind

The work of Operation Blessing continues to be a bridge of hope between our ailing countrymen and God. In one of our Mobile Clinic Outreaches in GMA Cavite, Corazon Verdan, 67, was one of the earliest to go in line anticipating the free health services and medicine....

“I can now drive again” —Rolex Escal

“I am so happy that I can see clearly now! I used to be worried when driving at night because of my blurred vision caused by cataract. But now, after my surgery and after giving it some time to heal, I can drive confidently.” —Rolex Escal, pastor and beneficiary...

Stroke patient finds motivation to move forward

For seven years, 55-year-old Walter Belleca has been suffering paralysis due to stroke. Though his condition did not hinder him from providing for his family, Walter sometimes feel discouraged and helpless about his situation. Operation Blessing met Walter and his...

Infant’s wound treated in Mobile Clinic

As Princess Jalina, 22, lined up with her son in the medical area during Operation Blessing’s Mobile Clinic mission in Camarines Sur, her face was marked with fear and anxiety. She was carrying her one-year-old baby, Jacob, whose wound on his toe kept bothering her...

Itchy feet keep 27-year-old lady up at night

When our Mobile Clinic came to Quezon City, we found a rare case of dermatitis in 27-year-old Zeilane who complained that the skin on her feet becomes very itchy whenever she wears slippers. It has disturbed her sleep and daily routines. She cannot stand walking for a...

Humble hope and prayer

In our Mobile Clinic medical mission in Silang, Cavite, one of the first patients in line was 65-year-old Maria on her wheelchair accompanied by her husband and son, Virgilio and William.  Maria was overwhelmed and in tears as his son pushes her wheelchair towards the...

Rising from the rubble

Pastor Rafaelito Alosbaños, Jr. of Batuan, Bohol had never seen anything like it. "The super typhoon that hit our town was unlike any storm I had ever experienced. The wind and rain were so intense, it felt like everything was coming to an end." Pastor Rafaelito had...

Under a makeshift roof

As a fisherman's wife, Ebsel Bone, 32, was used to living with very little. However, when a powerful storm ripped through their island and destroyed her home, she found herself struggling to keep her children safe and dry under a makeshift tarpaulin roof. Ebsel was a...

Fruit Vendor Goes from Struggling to Thriving

When Super Typhoon Yolanda hit the island of Leyte, Operation Blessing was among the first to organize relief efforts. But the assistance did not end there. We constructed the Community of Hope (COH), a community development project for Yolanda's most severely...

Flooded with Hope

God Hears Our Cry for HelpYour content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced...

God Hears Our Cry for Help

God Hears Our Cry for HelpOn Christmas Eve, Rossel and his 7-year-old grandson, Luke, were not celebrating, but fighting for their lives—clinging to a solar light pole as chest-deep flood waters rushed toward them. “I was so scared, not just for myself but especially...

Reconstruction materials brought hope to Limasawa residents  

Limasawa Island was one of the most severely affected areas by Super Typhoon Odette (Rai), with 90% of the islanders' homes destroyed.  "The typhoon was intense; we thought it wasn't that strong at first, so we didn't evacuate. But, the strong wind made us nervous so...

Mabini Family’s road to progress

Liza Mabini, 54, sells vegetables in Tacloban City Market with her husband, Romeo. They are both hard-working and very hands-on in their business. The Mabini family is one of the 97 families residing in Operation Blessing’s Community of Hope (COH) in Palanog. COH is...

Bringing joy to a Dumagat’s home

The Dumaya family, belonging to the Dumagat indigenous tribe in Dingalan, Aurora, lives a simple life close to the nature. The head of the family, 50-year-old Marshall Dumaya, catches fish and harvests rattan for a living. Believing there are 15 more years to wait...

Unshaken by the quake

Veronica’s faith remains immovable despite being shaken by the strong quake! "When I felt the violent movement of the ground, I found myself raising my hands and instinctively praying loudly, ‘Lord, Lord, please save us!’" she shared, with tears in her eyes. Veronica...

Operation Blessing aid Southernmost part of Leyte

Life became harsh for 58-year-old Gerry Anagao when a category 5 typhoon ravaged his home in San Ricardo, Leyte in December 2021. Eight months in, his house remain uninhabitable for the lack of roofing sheets and crushed hedges. The memory of the storm is still fresh...


Operation Blessing is committed to help transform people’s lives – from one who is desperate to one who is full of hope.
But we cannot do so on our own. We need YOUR HELP. Get involved NOW. Together, let us make a difference.
We usually think that if we volunteer, it will take a lot of our time, it will consume our resources, but I can testify that if you give from your heart, whatever you can give – may it be your talent, time, resources – you will receive more in return.
Dr. Darwin Gaba

Volunteer Dentist

It reminds me that as a Christian, you don’t just speak God’s word, but you live it. With OB, they practice what they preach. Everyone can serve, but not everyone can serve with compassion, and that’s what Operation Blessing does – serving with compassion,
Caroluzzi Lagunay

Student Volunteer

“Get outside of your 4 walls and see for yourselves. You can be a blessing, just by showing up, just by being there or just by talking to somebody. You do not have to join or organize events or charities to see what you can do,”
Philip Pamintuan

Dance Choreographer and Zumba instructor

Let’s INSPIRE CHANGE to better our nation – one family, one community, at a time.
Lend a helping hand by volunteering as a medical worker, teacher, counselor, fundraiser, photographer,
writer, registration personnel, encoder, all-around assistant or in any way you can.

Corporate Partnerships

Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines, Inc. gives an opportunity for your company to become a vessel of change in someone’s life as we aim to proclaim the good news and bring transformation in the lives of the people. We are more than privileged to connect your company in giving hope for our afflicted kababayans crying for physical, emotional, mental, financial, and spiritual help.

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Operation Blessing develops programs that impart love and instill hope among our kababayans.