Written By Femina Laya Canua, Writer, Operation Blessing Philippines

HOW can one possibly be so passionate with his work, considering it is volunteerism?

It’s indescribable with Christopher “Chris” Aniel, a 26 year-old volunteer for three amazing years now. Chris used to work at the warehouse of Operation Blessing from Tuesday to Friday.

He is the eldest in four siblings. Chris’s parents are a housewife and a factory worker. Chris was able to finish high school and afterwards chose to work instead of pursuing college.

Just like any young lad enjoying his youthful years, Chris spent his with friends at their place playing basketball and once in a while, if available, works at a construction site or in a factory. With a happy-go-lucky nature, Chris said he was then not that worry with his future because they do not usually had problems over financial. But then it came to a point where Chris felt that something is missing with his life, although he was contented with what he had that time, there wasn’t a feeling of fulfillment.

In 2013, when super typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan), battered portions of the Philippines and devastated thousands of lives of Filipinos, Chris and his friends find ways on how to help the typhoon victims. Through a friend, who is now a staff of OB, Chris volunteered at the warehouse of Operation Blessing and started repacking and lifting heavy relief goods every day since then.

While volunteering, Chris said that every Monday there is an available work at a construction site for him, where he was paid exactly for what he needs every week. “God always takes care of my need. Maybe, it is His way of blessing me for the things I do for Him,” a timid Chris said.

Never wanting anything in exchange, Chris found fulfillment in helping the foundation, which he never saw for his self before.

Asked about his further plans, Chris said he’ll continue volunteering because he knows that although he gets nothing from this, he believes that he is investing riches in heaven.

Be like Chris. Get involved now and join our pool of compassionate volunteers by signing up at www.obphil.com/home/volunteer, and together let’s INSPIRE CHANGE!