Written By Bryan Arquiza, Writer, Operation Blessing Philippines

It has been a month since the Philippines was devastated by heavy rains that submerged cities and provinces in gigantic floods.

There was no typhoon. It was only a southwest monsoon or habagat that brought nonstop rains for weeks that surpassed the amount of rains produced by Typhoon Ondoy last 2009. Hard-earned properties were washed out. Many lives were taken. Some got drowned, while others got buried along with their homes.

Amidst all the loss and despair, there are tales of courage, compassion and heroism that emerged. These unsung heroes are the volunteers who selflessly gave their time and effort. While those were stranded at home ventured out to social networking sites to bridge help and inform the public. It made an overwhelming response all over the country and even abroad. Netizens were able to maximize the use of modern technology – the internet.

Men and women, young and old, immediately heeded the call.

There were students who made their vacation worthwhile by staying up late to repack goods.

Medical professionals like doctors, dentists and nurses, rendered their services for free.

Housewives left their comfort zones to cook hot meals for the hungry evacuees.

It happened with precision.

With the help of these volunteers, Operation Blessing was able to quickly respond to the immediate needs of the affected families by providing them food packs, mats, blankets, clothing, toiletries and medical services.

One of those volunteers is Bimboy Soque, an active volunteer for eight years and assigned under OB’s Disaster Relief Program. He is loved for his funny antics that bring smiles to everyone’s faces, undeniably he makes the strenuous occasion lighter. Together with his group of friends, they were able to rescue 71 individuals in three different municipalities.

“Here in Operation Blessing, we have one heart. A passionate heart that is willing to help, a Christ-like love is shown to those who need it during this kind of situation. We serve people wholeheartedly with integrity and excellence, while faithfully serving God.” he said when asked about his volunteer experience.

Every year, the Philippines brave strings of calamities that bring sorrow, destruction and hopelessness. Operation Blessing and its volunteers make sure that the victims will received what they need and get back on their feet as soon as possible.

We salute you, Bless Luzon volunteers, for spending your precious time with us! Each one of you has become a hero in your own little way and we cannot thank you enough for all of your efforts. Thank you for making a difference. All of you are priceless!