Written By Neyzielle Ronnicque Cadiz, Writer, Operation Blessing Philippines

Fernando Kabigting, 50, experienced growing up in poverty, working on the field before going to school in elementary, high school, and even college. He had to do it not for himself but more for his family.

IMG_6436He worked hard, graduated from college, and eventually put up his own business of designing, innovating, fabricating, and building machineries that are environment-friendly. He now owns a company that manufactures portable shredders, crushers, and other machineries that are considerably useful for ecological solid waste management projects.

However, ups-and-downs in life are inevitable. Their family came to a point last year when they had nothing but only enough money for their children’s tuitions. They also owed a sari-sari store debts that piled up over three months. Still, they signed a pledge card expressing their desire to give every month to support Operation Blessing’s (OB) projects.

“There is a miracle in giving. We were broke but we still gave to OB. Little did we know that we will receive a huge blessing the next month. We must submit to Him everything we do, He will not fail,” said Fernando and his wife Divine.

The Kabigting couple together with their eldest child personally delivered their donation of a portable compact shredder with a value of Php85,000 ($ 1,895) to the OB office. The machine is capable of grinding all types of waste materials (e.g. newly-cut branches of trees, grass, leaves) and turns it into organic fertilizer that can improve physical, chemical, and biological properties of the soil.IMG_6463

“The Lord gave me a vision to partner and give to OB so here I am. The blessings we are receiving are more than enough. We did not ask for more, we only want a simple life but I continually thank God still,” said Fernando smiling.

The shredder can now be used for OB’s demo-farm livelihood projects. It also opens doors to better sustain cleanliness and enhance ecological balance in the locality.


Indeed, the miracle of giving opened bigger opportunities for the Kabigting family. Their second son has graduated from college with a degree in Political Science, the third from high school, their youngest is now entering grade 8, and the eldest is graduating Magna Cum Laude in June with a degree in Computer Engineering.

Fernando and Divine also testified that since they started giving to OB, there has been a huge increase in their sales. Also, they again expressed their desire that for every machine purchased, they will make sure a portion of the sales will go to support OB. The Kabigting family is definitely sharing their blessings.

“We need to entrust everything we do to the Lord because all of our fears will fade and all the blessings overflow. Indeed, it is only He who can meet our needs. We don’t have to worry,” Fernando sincerely said.

There really is a miracle in giving. Many testify of how they continually extend their help although they have less because the Lord rewards and gives back more than enough. Partner with us today to share your blessings to the people in much need of assistance. Call us at 477-7802 to 04 and 06 to inspire change!