Written By Cervin Pillejera Bariso, Writer, Operation Blessing Philippines

12170380_10153477646603880_2011560099_nWhen Christopher Malibiran, 45, heard that Typhoon Lando (international name Koppu) was about to hit their town in Aurora last October 18, he immediately instructed his wife, who is pregnant, together with his four children and 91-year-old grandmother, Maria Ciano Salcedo, to take refuge at Dibacong Elementary School which was used as an evacuation center. Christopher stayed behind to take care of their house which was built along the shore through the monetary assistance given by the government years ago.

Their home has been part of Christopher’s dream for his family, that’s why he persistently watched over it during the catastrophe. Before building their current house, the Malibiran family used to live in a makeshift house where their dining table also served as their bed to sleep in. Hence, when Christopher received money from the government, he fully allotted it for the construction of their house.

Because of Christopher’s earnestness to make his family safe, his house on the seaside stood still when Typhoon Lando struck their community. He even mentioned that their house might have been safer for his family because the roof of the school where they took shelter was blown off by the strong wind. Christopher was grateful to God for protecting his family when assorted debris fell in front of them.

12170228_10153477553573880_1297285434_nChristopher’s grandmother was one of Operation Blessing’s (OB) 100 beneficiaries during its medical mission in Barangy Dibacong, Casiguran. Maria Ciano was given medicines for her allergy and arthritis and was prayed for by our volun
teer pastors.

“Salamat at may mga doktor na dumating dito at lalong higit sa lahat mga doktor na kasama si Lord. Natakot din ako noong bagyo pero nanalangin ako kay Lord at naniwala na Siya ang aming gabay at kaligtasan (I thank you for bringing here doctors who are walking with the Lord. I was scared during the typhoon, but I just prayed to the Lord and believed that He is my guide and strength.),” grateful Maria Ciano said.

An OB staff accompanied Maria Ciano to her house and that’s when OB met the whole family and heard their inspiring story. Their relationship with the Lord is their foundation and their reason to live.


Christopher used to have a fishing boat he used to earn a living, however, there came a time he needed to sell it. To still earn money, he sells scrap and earns 150 pesos a day – a very little amount to provide three meals a day for the whole family. Still, Christopher believes that God would again grant his desire to have a new boat, just like how his dream house was provided for.

Be a channel of blessing and let Christopher experience another breakthrough. Let us believe with him that God allowed the disaster to happen for his family to experience miracle. Help us bring hope to more resilient families who survived Typhoon Lando.

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Contributor and Photographer: Astherio Blando