Through compassionate, efficient, and locally-focused programs, we are able to target the specific needs of those we serve and provide a gateway to our partners to truly be the hands and feet of Jesus for those who are suffering and in need.


We provide food to children and families all over the world, as well as training on the importance of a nutritious diet.

Disaster Relief

Every year, people around the world struggle to survive when disaster strikes. Operation Blessing is helping disaster victims endure and recover by providing critical aid.

Clean Water

In many places, drinking a sip of water can be extremely hazardous – even deadly.

Operation Blessing works with partners to provide communities access to clean and safe drinking water.

Medical Care

Around the world, hundreds of thousands of people are suffering from medical conditions that could be helped with medical care. Too many of them can’t afford the surgeries they need.


Operation Blessing develops programs that impart love and instill hope among our young generation.