Photographed By: Eliz Nuevo

With six children, 30-year old Luningning and her husband are struggling to provide for their growing family. Luningning helps in selling her husband’s catch as a fisherman but earns an average of only P300.00 every day.

GROWING FAMILY. Luningning needs to provide for their six children.

Luningning’s family lives by the river in a makeshift house she and her husband put together with light materials they scavenged. Of her four older children, three are enrolled in the public school in their community but one is blind and usually stays at home. Their fifth child, Elmira, was found to be highly malnourished or what UNICEF now refers to as being severely wasted. These cases, according to WHO (World Health Organization), hinder a child ’s growth and development and limits their potential to thrive.

STUNTED GROWTH. Elmira was reported to be severely wasted.

It was only when Operation Blessing visited their community to screen applicants for the Bless-A-Child (BAC) project that Luningning found out about Elmira’s condition. Upon hearing the news, she said she started to worry already about how they can address Elmira’s specific needs when they can hardly even provide for the daily sustenance of the family. But she was relieved when she was informed that Operation Blessing had selected Elmira to be part of the BAC.

CHOSEN. Elmira was chosen to participate in the Bless-A-Child project.

Elmira has now been under daily nutritional feeding project for seven months, and Luningning sees how much her daughter has improved. Elmira has gained an ample amount of weight, going from 8.2kg to 11kg. She has also noticed that Elmira has become more active and playful around the house. In addition to the meals provided by the BAC project, the family was given a pig to jumpstart an additional source of livelihood for the family.

GROWN UP. Elmira gained almost three kilos because of the Bless-A-Child project.

Luningning was thankful for Operation Blessing. In her own words she says, “We were so happy that we were chosen to participate in this project. Despite the difficulties in our family, we feel blessed and are so grateful that we are part of this.”

HAPPY KIDS. Elmira is now ready to face her bright future.

Without you, Elmira would not have this chance for a healthy and bright tomorrow. Together, let us help more children and their families reach a better future. Be a part of this great work! Click here