The day is sunny in Brgy Olivete, Bongabon, Nueva Ecija and the well is ready for turnover. People are there to witness the new milestone in their village. Grannies were sitting in front of the well platform, excited for the ceremony.

Nanay Rosa said: “Since 1960 when my husband brought me to this place, the water system has never changed, child.”

With a sad face, she narrated her experience when she had to carry the laundry, pail, and a bucket just to access the unlimited water from the river. “Everything—laundry, cooking, drinking—we get water there. We do not have [that well] before.”

As per Nanay Rosa, the old water source was a 15-minute walk from their place and the whole village gets water from that well. Her friends, Nanay Marina, and Nanay Mary nodded in agreement as she recounts the story.

The old water source where the community in Brgy Olivete, Nueva Ecija gets water from

But hope sparked when a well was built in their community. The well in Barangay Olivete, Nueva Ecija was turned over last September. Aside from the river, the community people also get their water from tubes that release water from the mountain spring. This water gets dried up during the summer season when it is most needed.

Operation Blessing saw the need for clean and accessible water in the community. Now, the nanays do not need to go far to access the water they all need. They can just go to the Operation Blessing well and enjoy their free clean water.

The Operation Blessing Well turned over to the community in Brgy Olivete, Nueva Ecija

The nanays expressed their thanks to Operation Blessing for this gift. “We are truly grateful for this because this is our first time to have this kind of water source.”

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