On a sunny day of January 12, Taal Volcano erupted after a long sleep of 43 years. Along with the ashes, rash and wounds started to rupture on Nico Galla’s sensitive skin. “When the eruption happened, we boarded into a boat hurriedly, bringing nothing. All that we have here are from donations, even his clothes which I thoroughly washed,” Nico’s mother, Genelyn narrated.


Genelyn’s family is from Volcano Island, or Pulo, who along with other families faces a long-term, if not permanent displacement triggered by the volcanic eruption. There is nothing left for the families there, especially their livelihood. “My husband used to raise horses to bring tourists close to the main crater. Now that the horses are dead, he is away looking for a job,” Genelyn sighed.

Spending 3 weeks in evacuation center, Nico struggles to sleep soundly because of the itching sensation. They could not afford to see a doctor because of their financial condition. But when Operation Blessing conducted a medical mission in Talisay, Batangas, Nico finally received a medical treatment. He was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis or a type of inflammation of the skin, resulting to itchy, red, swollen, and cracked skin. He was then prescribed with medication. Genelyn was also advised to keep her body strong so that she could take good care of her family. Because of this treatment, baby Nico will feel better and prevent him from scratching his skin.

“Thank you, Operation Blessing, this was a great relief for my son!” Genelyn celebrates.

Genelyn’s was one of the hundreds of families from Pulo. With your continued partnership, families who still look forward to supplies of relief goods, hygiene kits, and medical assistance can be reached out through our #OBDisasterResponseTaal. Visit https://operationblessing.ph/onestepahead/ to learn about our ongoing relief operation in Batangas.