Written By Eva Niña P. Sta. Ana, Writer, Operation Blessing Philippines

Love has no limits. It can travel across ocean, transcend age and racial  barriers.


Ranie all smiles as she holds the livelihood contract

This was heart-warmingly evident in the true love story of  Roy Douglas, 74 years of age, an American residing in Sacramento, California, USA, and his Filipina wife Ranie Douglas, 42 years old, from Barangay. Dalakit, Northern Samar.

The couple actually met in Cyberspace in 2012 when they began internet chatting through a christian dating site. For two years, Roy and Ranie grew in knowledge, love and faith in God and each other through internet chatting. Finally, in 2014 they decided to get married. Roy travelled to the Philippines for a 21-day trip to wed his beloved Ranie. It was the first time they saw each other face to face. They honeymooned for 21 days, during which Roy, who was 34 years older than Ranie, became stepfather to her children from previous relationships.  After which Roy returned to Sacramento while remaining long-distance husband and father to Ranie and her brood.

While Ranie missed Roy, she had four children to keep her company after he left. They are Christine, 21, Angela, 12, Andrea, 10, and CJ, 5, her children from previous relationships, none of which led to marriage.  Roy was the husband and father who God eventually provided for  Ranie  after she prayed and  trusted in the Lord to take care of her family.

As a single parent, Ranie provided for her children’s needs by cooking  “eggplant omelet” and selling these for P200 a day at her  Aunt’s canteen.  With these meagre funds, she paid for their electric bills and her children’s educational expenses. They were blest to  get their daily meals for free from her Aunt’s canteen.


Ranie as a single parent is very hands on to her children

Though he lived in America, Roy longed to help give a better life to  his Filipino family in Northern Samar. But he could no longer work after losing his left leg due to Diabetes in 2010. All he had to survive on financially were his modest pension payments.

But these limitations did not stop Roy from trusting in the Lord to provide for his long distance family in the Philippines.  By God’s grace, Roy remembered he had a friend from Operation Blessing International in the United States. He told his friend about his desire to help support his Filipino family, and this friend relayed his request to Operation Blessing Philippines.

OB Philippines was able to locate Ranie and her family  in Northern Samar. They gave Ranie  the provisions to start a rice-vending business and a shelter kit that would help make their home more comfortable and livable.


OB staff turned over the rice vending livelihood to Ranie


Shelter care kit was also turned over to Ranie’s family for a more comfortable living

Ranie narrates her love story with Roy with much joy and tears in her eyes. Now her children have two fathers—their earthly father Roy and their Eternal Father who promises in His Word, to provide for their needs as His children.


Ranie together with her three kids

As it is written in the Psalms: “But you O God see the trouble of the afflicted; you consider their grief and take it in hand… you are the helper of the fatherless”.  (Psalm 10:14)  “A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows is God in His holy dwelling.” (Psalm 68:5)

Thank you, donors, for helping connect two lovers in distant shores for a marriage made in heaven, and for providing for their family. We invite you to extend more of God’s blessings even by Cyberspace and through your long distance love and compassion.  Visit our website at www.obphil.com or call us at  + 632 477-7802 to 08.