(Written by Angelica Cruz | Photos by Jo Ivan Llaneta)

Despite government order to defer rental fees for boarders or tenants during the COVID-19 pandemic, a family of a jeepney driver who lost source of income due to lockdown was evicted immediately from their rental home in Manila, forcing them to live in a jeepney. Operation Blessing caught the attention of the struggling family and took the opportunity to help and pray for them.

“We did not know what to do or where to go. My husband, who was a jeepney driver, was impaired with the ability to fulfill our rental obligations due to the quarantine restrictions. We tried to convince our landlord to consider the situation, but he refused,” recalled Bea. Right now, his husband drives a taxicab just so they can have income for their daily needs.

While their living condition has been a difficult one for them, Bea and her family did not lose hope and chose to trust God. “I keep encouraging my husband to trust God, for I know there’s nothing beyond His control. This may be a very difficult situation to deal with, but God is our assurance,” added Bea who is armed with newfound confidence.

Bea Reyes, and her brother, gladly receive relief assistance from Operation Blessing

True to what they believe, God faithfully provided for them. Relief from different people and organizations have come pouring in left and right. Even the building near to the place where their jeep is parked offered to provide electricity for Bea’s family.

“We are so grateful to have been blessed with so many people who extended help to us. Thanks as well to Operation Blessing. I hope your assistance will continue to reach more people who are suffering during this time of pandemic,” Bea gladly expressed.

The Scripture teaches us that God is the first and most generous giver. How wonderful it is that we can follow His perfect example by simply giving freely and joyfully to those around us! If you desire to help us achieve our goal to be #OneStepAhead, you can choose to go mobile, or go the distance with your generosity, anytime, anywhere.


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