Fenced Wells

In her 30 years in Macabaclay, Nueva Ecija, Desiree Valdez relied on nearby private wells to provide water for her family. These wells were fenced by the private owners.

As Desiree describes it in vernacular, “The owners fence the wells at sunset so fetch and store water as much as I can.”

To make sure that they will have enough for the day, Desiree would get as much water as she can during daytime for washing plates and clothes, cleaning, and even for drinking. But then, there are also limitations to access to wells when the owners must use them.

“The well is not ours so we can only get water after the owners use it,” Desiree narrates.

The wells in Barangay Macabaclay are usually available from 6:30 am to 6 pm, or when the owners decide to open them.

Beyond Fence

Seeing the need for free access to water, Operation Blessing (OB) started constructing a well for the Barangay Macabaclay community. This well is very near Desiree’s house.

“We have not had our own well until now. We are so happy that even our children can take a bath at any time. And, I can already get water from it any time to finish my laundry,” Desiree said gratefully.

Kishna and Troy joyously pump the Operation Blessing well to enjoy their free access of water.

This well in Barangay Macabaclay was turned over on September 7, 2018. The community can now access water without fences and limits.