Ralph in the vulcanizing shop near his home in Papaya Nueva Ecija

It was 11 o’clock in the morning, too early for Ralph Pascual German, 22, to pack and finish his welding works at the vulcanizing shop. But he must go to school in the afternoon. “Honestly, I really wanted to stop schooling. I wanted to earn money so that I can help with our expenses at home, especially for my mom’s medications, ” Ralph explained.

Ralph’s playground since high school

To make matters worse, Ralph and his mother, Nimfa, discovered way back in 2017 that his mother was diagnosed with stage 2 throat cancer. “It was the most challenging year. We have nothing to pay for my hospital bills and medicines. Then we decided to put our lot in mortgage so that we can keep up with my medications,” Nimfa recalled.

Ralph and his mother, Nimfa

Regardless of all the hardships he’s been through, Ralph still believes that God is going to do surprising things in his life. This hope that Ralph is holding onto was firmly affirmed when his mother received the miracle that their family has been waiting and praying for.

This year, his mom was officially declared as cancer-free. Adding up to this blessing is the Back-to-School scholarship program from Operation Blessing which was introduced to Ralph by Ptr. Tim Vitriolo. “I feel so blessed to be chosen as one of the scholars. Rest assured, I will give my best in my studies. I am foreseeing myself as a successful businessman in the coming years,” exclaimed Ralph.