In our Mobile Clinic activity in Lemery, Batangas, we met 80-year-old Leticia Arenas. She came for the dental extraction service.

Leticia, beautifully wrinkly crowned with silver hair, is still sharp and smart to talk to. She is also physically strong. She is a widow with only one child and five grandchildren. She earns a living by raising and selling pigs, which is one of the common livelihood in the area.

It was her turn to be on the dental chair. Our volunteer dentist was amazed that she is already 80 years old because of her youthful aura. Leticia even shared that she has no maintenance medicine. Her blood pressure is normal, and she’s got no pain anywhere in her body (except the toothache). “I like eating veggies more than meat,” she proudly and positively shared.

Leticia was happy about the free dental extraction. “The dentist’s hands were gentle. It wasn’t painful at all. Thank You, Lord, for making me part of this medical activity of Operation Blessing.”

Her positive disposition was contagious. When asked for a word of inspiration and advice for young people, she said, “Always do what is right. Live with integrity. Honor God, and pray always.” And we see that these words she lives by took her far.

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