Francisco was panting and in stinging pain when he came to the Operation Blessing Mobile Clinic site. He had dark spots all over his body, which he explains to be the bees’ sharp stings.

“I was walking to another barangay and will stay there for an important meeting tomorrow. Then one bee stung me. Later, they were two, three, and then they were so many! It was so painful, like being poked by a hundred tiny needles all over your body all at once! I cried and asked for help, but no one came.”

“I took of my shirt to cover my face, so the bees stung my body. When I realized no one is coming to help me, I walked home and saw my nephew, who took me here,” Francisco vividly narrates his experience.

The good thing is that the OB Mobile Clinic is just around their area. Francisco didn’t even know about it beforehand, but he was thankful to be accommodated.

Our nurse immediately took action by giving him antihistamine and anti-inflammatory medicine. Then, he was checked up by one of our volunteer medical doctors.

Francisco and his nephew have also undergone counseling.

Francisco went out of the mission site thankful and grateful that God has provided for him doctors and medicine at the perfect time. He says, “God truly knows everything that we need. He will always guide us, and He is so good.”

We are also thankful that God sends Operation Blessing at the right place and at the right time, to the right people. Francisco’s story is an example of God’s perfect timing.

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