Written By Bianca Tanguin, Volunteer Writer and Photographer, Operation Blessing Philippines

“It takes someone really brave to be a mother, someone strong to raise a child and someone special to love someone more than herself.” This quote from our Bless-a-Child coordinator sums up what Mylene has done in order to protect her children. In the middle of Typhoon Nona, she stood strong and took a risk to find a safe haven for her kids.

Mylene D. Mesa is 29 years old, married, a mother to her 5 children and a resident of Brgy. Malobago, San Roque, Northern Samar. Before the typhoon came, she asked her husband to cover their roof or to put something heavy on it so that the wind won’t blow it away, but her husband did not do it. Instead, he left his family to attend a funeral because he thought that typhoon Nona would not bring much damage.

While they were having dinner the wind grew stronger and they became so afraid, so Mylene and her 5 children hid under the table. Even if Mylene was afraid and hesitant to go outside their house still she took the risk to find a safer place for her children. She gathered her 5 children and took refuge at their neighbor’s home nearby. Due to the severe cold, special child Marinel Mesa, Mylene’s daughter had a convulsion. She did not know what to do, her husband was away, so she just prayed to God that they would all be safe and she prayed for the typhoon to be over soon.

Meanwhile, her husband was already on his way home riding a motorcycle. He silently prayed to God to save his family. But due to the very bad weather and slippery road, he got into a small accident; his motorcycle fell but thank God nothing bad happened to him.

Mylene’s children were traumatized because of typhoon Nona. Their house was destroyed and they are now staying temporarily at her in- laws’ house. The typhoon may be over but the damage was already done and memories of that disaster would surely linger for quite some time, but still she’s thankful that no one got hurt or lost their life because of the typhoon Nona. “Life must go on”, declared Mylene.




They did not expect that people from Operation Blessing will be coming to their place to conduct a medical mission. That very morning when they heard that there will be a consultation, Mylene rushed to the barangay hall, brought her children and queued patiently to be seen by the doctor and to get some medicines. Mylene was just simply amazed on how the queuing and the whole process was made easy, and what impacted her the most was the counseling section where she was able to ventilate her fears and was prayed for.

“It’s a relief that someone who doesn’t even know us is very willing to listen to what we have experienced during Typhoon Nona”, Mylene said.

If you are moved to do the same for other affected by disasters, you may contact us at 477 7802 to 04 and 06, or email us at [email protected]. You may also visit https://operationblessing.ph/home for more details.

Together, let us show we care.