Another day was about to end with Maximo still waiting for a miracle to happen.

Maximo reminds us of the disabled man in the Bible who waited 38 years to be healed at the pool of Bethesda through the stirring of its waters, but kept getting overtaken by others. That is, until Jesus came and healed him! (Jn. 5:1-17)

Maximo had been paralyzed for more than two years. When he was 75 years old, his wife and children suddenly noticed changes in the way he walked. He became clumsy and felt numb in his legs. Later, he could no longer stand alone, raise his hands, and talk.

Doctors said that he had suffered a stroke but would recover in a few months’ time. Maximo’s family was hopeful when his blood pressure became stable and his diabetes was controlled. Unfortunately, no progress was seen. For almost two years, they waited for a miracle.

Dr. Kim April Pascual with a patient

Maximo tries to talk to Operation Blessing Philippines’ EVP and COO, Kim April Pascual, to experess his gratitude to the organization for introducing Jesus as his greatest healer.

Then Operation Blessing Philippines came to his hometown in Pagnamitan, Guiuan, Eastern Samar. Maximo was among 131 people served by its medical mission. The organization’s medical staff echoed other doctors’ findings on Maximo’s case: they found no reason why he could not walk. Perhaps he doubted that he could take a step again.

With faith that Maximo could walk again that very day, one doctor whispered to him: “Do you believe Jesus could heal you, Tatay Maximo?” Tears fell from Maximo’s eyes as he nodded. Claiming Jesus would heal him, the doctors, together with Operation Blessing Philippines’ prayer team, laid their hands on Maximo’s body and feet and prayed for him.

After praying, they encouraged Maximo to stand and start walking. Maximo took numerous steps and would not stop. When asked to rest, he walked some more like he had missed it most of his life!

Since then, Maximo would practice standing and walking alone daily. He no longer allowed fear and doubt to overtake him. His faith in Jesus stirred. Maximo let Jesus heal him.