Arcely Acantilado, 61, is a widow for about half of her life. After being left to raise her three children, she is now taking care of her four grandchildren who came along with her to our Mobile Clinic in Brgy. Dipantan, Nagtipunan, Quirino.

She complained of stomach pains which she has suffered from for years now. At night, or when she is moving around, she would experience crippling pain. Arcely had herself checked at the barangay health office, but the pain did not go away. “I couldn’t buy all the medicine. They are too expensive. We do not have much money,” she reasoned.

Now retired from farming, Arcely depends on her eldest daughter for financial support. “Her salary is just enough for the family since she has four kids and one of them is in college.” Arcely adds that sometimes, the family would even argue about allowances or just be frustrated because they don’t have enough.

Along with Arcely is her 6-year-old little granddaughter, Chrisabelle, who complained of itchy throat and frequent cough. They believe that it is because of her mother’s pregnancy food craving on chicken.

“I always pray at night for me and my grandchild to get well,” Arcely said as tears welled up in her eyes. “I am deeply thankful to God for these medicines given to us for free.”

Arcely is just one of the hundreds of beneficiaries we were able to attend to with medical, dental, optical, and surgical care and given free medicine, vitamins, and hygiene products in the Quirino leg of our medical mission.

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