It was the year 2020 when Lilian Mortera, 54, found out that she has a big mass on her right brain and needed to undergo immediate surgery.

“We were both busy helping and working with the street children during the pandemic when she got sick. Back then, I remember telling God that I am just Lilian’s husband and He is her Father, so there’s no reason not to trust Him,” shared Pastor Ponciano Mortera, 54, founding pastor of Church on the Streets and the Alleys.

Believing that God would see them through, they decided to let Lilian be confined in the hospital and undergo the much-needed brain surgery.

“The doctors told us that there’s no guarantee for a successful operation. But still, we let God decide. Anyway, both healing and life are in His hands,” Pastor Ponciano said.

Each day is a step of faith for their family.

Being in the ministry has many rewards. But there are times when it can be very tight financially.

“But God always takes care and provides for His people,” he said as he reflects on the goodness of God in their lives.

After undergoing two successful brain surgeries, the doctors were amazed and delighted with Lilian’s fast recovery.

“It was God’s hands. I know, it was His hands working.”

Pastor Ponciano would like to express his gratitude to those people who helped and prayed for them during their toughest battle.

“I would like to thank Operation Blessing for the financial assistance and prayers. You are part of God’s miraculous healing to my wife! I pray that God would bless the works of your hands even more!” he gratefully tells Operation Blessing.

Lilian is now getting better as she does home rehabilitation. She shares that her feet and arms are getting stronger each day.

“Nothing is impossible with our God! Nothing is too hard for Him!” she testifies.

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