Written by Femina Laya Canua, writer for Operation Blessing Philippines; Photographed by Frederick Deserva, volunteer photographer

In a long queue at a medical mission registration area, a young skinny boy was cautious with his left arm wrapped in small cartons held tightly with a cord. The young boy’s name is Jerrimy.

Jerrimy stands beside his mom, who is listening to the advice of the volunteer doctor.

His mother accompanied him to the medical mission site, in partnership with the JAC Liner Inc., with a hope of getting free check-up and medicines for his ailing arm, after a week that he had the accident.  When asked what happened with Jerrimy’s arm, the 11-year-old boy said, “That was Saturday after Holy Week when we were aboard a boat and getting nearer to the port I tried to stop the boat with my hands.” He paused for a while and said, “Then I heard a crack and felt the pain.”

Jerrimy’s arm was wrapped in small cartons held tightly with a cord.

Jerrimy’s father works as a salt farmer, a fisherman and a pond caretaker to provide for his family. Jerrimy’s mother stays at home and attends to their needs. Although they are caretakers of a fish pond, it is still difficult for their family to put enough food on the table with their earnings of PhP200 ($4).

“Once we got on the mission site, I felt the pain in my arms. I feel afraid thinking that I would not be able to use my arms again,” the young boy said.

Jerrimy’s arm

“When we were waiting for our turn at the medical mission, I was afraid to hear what the doctor would say with Jerrimy’s condition.” Jerrimy’s mother continued, “I was thinking that there is already a blood clot inside his arm or what will I do if the doctor would recommend that his arm be amputated.”

The volunteer doctor ordered Jerrimy’s arm to be x-rayed. Operation Blessing then assisted Jerrimy and his mother to the Western Pangasinan District Hospital.

Operation Blessing accompanied Jerrimy and his mother at the nearest hospital.

Jerrimy listening to the advice of the doctor at the hospital.

The result showed that Jerrimy’s arm has a bone fracture and he just needed a cast. Operation Blessing helped by providing the arm sling and vitamins for Jerrimy.

Jerrimy’s xray result

A big smile was painted on Jerrimy’s face after getting the right medical attention for his fractured arm.

“I am excited to play basketball again and make a kite fly high,” Jerrimy talked about his hobbies.

“Thank you, Operation Blessing, for assisting us and attending to the needs of my son,” his mother said.

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