Written by Cervin P. Bariso, writer, Operation Blessing Philippines

KALINGA – While concrete walls influence metropolis dreamers, mountain slopes of this province rather preserve contentment and simplicity. However, a super typhoon has tried to steal its peace and it somehow made a severe mark – on landslips, torn down trees, a rubble of houses, and down power lines. Sally Wagsey is one of those who was tested by struggles in life during disasters.

Sally is a 60-year-old mother of six children. She lost her husband in 2014 and since then, she is forced to bear all the responsibilities of being a mother and a father. Her children, except for two, have their own family and already left their village in Pos-woy, Balbalan. Which may seem to cause her lesser responsibility, actually gave Sally a heavier liability.

Of the two children that are left in Sally’s care, one named Simon is bedridden. He took chances in Baguio City and worked as a construction worker. Simon wanted to defy poverty but it resisted back when he accidentally slipped off and fell from the three-storey building.

Sally faced this agony just years after losing her husband. Yet she remained strong and faithful. To sustain Simon’s need for medicine and Sharreine’s (her youngest) studies, Sally diligently looks after her farm over the weekend when she returns home after babysitting work from a far village.

Life again challenged Sally of its steepness. When Super Typhoon Lawin (international name: Haima) hit their place, her crops got devastated and darkness covered their place when power lines were cut. Her worry for Simon is doubled when she needs to leave him at home when Sharreine is at school. Sometimes, Simon is left with only a gas lamp to light their home.

When Sally heard that Operation Blessing Philippines is in their place to distribute relief including solar lamps to affected families of Lawin, she hurriedly went to the site though she needed to walk for two hours because of the damaged roads and landslides.

Thank you so much for helping Operation Blessing Philippines reach out to the families devastated by Lawin. The comfort that you brought to them gave them hope and peace. Like Sally, their nights will no longer be dark until power is restored.

This is just one of the results of your partnership in our #OneStepAhead campaign. Your support and giving enable us to plan and prepare ahead of unpredictable catastrophes. To give more, call us at 477-7806 or visit www.obphil.com to learn how you can help.