Written by Jemma S. Tañada, Writer, Operation Blessing Philippines


Tatay Pedro wears his big smile while riding his free wheelchair.

During its wheelchair mission in the province of Sorsogon, Operation Blessing Philippines witnessed a love story that does not focus on one’s self, does not give up and never gets tired.

Lourdes, an 87-year-old retired teacher, had requested for a wheelchair for her 90-year-old husband, Pedro, because he could barely walk due to his age. The couple lived in a humble home together with their grandchild Winston and Lourdes’ younger sister.

Aside from taking care of her husband, Lourdes also attends to her two younger sisters, as they did not have their own families and could not do things without assistance because of their illnesses. Conception is an 85-year-old widow, who does not have children, while 77-year-old Carolina is single and has rheumatism.

Every day, after preparing food for Pedro and Conception, Lourdes would also tend to Winston’s needs before going to school. Then she would go to Carolina, who lives near their house, to bring food. During weekends, Winston helps with house chores and assists Lourdes in caring for Pedro, Conception and Carolina.

With these concerns, the pensions of Lourdes and Pedro were limited to their everyday needs and sending Winston to school. This hindered Lourdes from providing Pedro a wheelchair, which would make it easier for her to take care for all of them.


The couple, Tatay Pedro and Nanay Lourdes, posed in front of the camera after receiving the free wheelchair.

Unexpectedly, Lourdes’ request was granted during Operation Blessing’s wheelchair mission. Now, she can do her responsibilities one at a time and even have a period for resting through the help of the wheelchair.

When asked how she does all these and not get tired, Lourdes simply said, “I get tired sometimes but I have to endure it because I am the only one who will do it for them. And simply because mahal ko sila (I love them)!”

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