­Written By Eva Niña P. Sta. Ana, Writer, Operation Blessing Philippines

”Laman sa laman. Hindi ako hihiwalay. Walang mahihiwalay.” (Flesh of my flesh. I will not leave. No one will be separated.)

A mother of seven. Wilma Saliendra, 40, from Brgy. Alawihao, Camarines Norte is firm with her conviction that none of her children will be away from her no matter what happens.


A mother of seven, but will not let any of her children be separate from her

Living in a small house patched with wood, bamboo strips, and dried coconut fronds, Wilma doesn’t mind how hard life is as long as all her children are with her. She wakes up the earliest and rests the latest to attend to her children’s needs.

Jonathan Saliendra, 40, Wilma’s husband, works as an on-call carpenter earning P300 ($15.82) to sustain their basic needs. He manages his money, buys his supplies and then gives the remaining to Wilma for proper distribution to the children.

Wilma said that there are times when she and Jonathan have conflicts because of finances. In these instances, Jonathan would always tell her to leave but even if she wants to, she could not, and choose to stay for her children’s sake.

When asked if they ever thought of sending some of their children for adoption, Wilma passionately answered that the thought has never come to them.  It never entered to their minds. For them, all of their chidlren is a blessing.

Joey, 17, the eldest of the couple is already in first-year college. Joey was then followed by six more children. Joseph, 15, Jonel, 12, Wendy, 10, Clarisse, 7, Jeremy, 5, and the youngest, Angel, 1.


Jeremy, one of the newest Bless-A-Child (BAC) beneficiaries of Operation Blessing in Camarines Norte.

Jeremy the sixth child is one of the newest Bless-A-Child (BAC) beneficiaries of Operation Blessing in Camarines Norte. He was blessed to be part of the program when another child was pulled out and he was chosen to fill in the slot. During the pre- diagnostic exam, Jeremy was found undernourished. He is thin and small for his age. His hair is brown and it is a sign of malnourishment. He is also weak and shy.

Wilma was overwhelmed to know that her son was given the opportunity to undergo the nutritional feeding program. Jeremy who is at risk will be provided with a 10-month regular, nutritious meals to keep him healthy and well. Wilma said that this opportunity will not make her worry anymore.

As part of the BAC Program, Wilma will also go through trainings and seminars about health, education, livelihood and skills and values formation sessions. She is very excited to learn and she is looking forward to better herself as a mother.

Mothers like Wilma are priceless. Their hearts for their children can never be compared to anything in this world. Bless-A-Child TODAY and bless their moms as well. Partner with Operation Blessing NOW! Visit http://www.staging2.obphil.com/home/bless-a-child/ or call us at 477-7806, 0939-921-5543 (SMART) and 0917-581-2603 (GLOBE).