For almost two years now, life for 71-year-old Oscar meant never leaving the confines of his makeshift house. His body has suffered from multiple problems in the past and it just came to a point that his legs are so weak he can no longer stand.

LIMITED. Oscar can no longer stand by his own.

His older sister, Nilda, shared, “When Oscar could still work, he would fall to the ground from time to time when walking, but he’s always tried to provide independently for himself.”

BEYOND. Despite his limitation, Oscar does everything to provide for himself.

She and her husband have been taking care of Oscar since their parents passed away but now that they have all gotten older, it has become impossible to carry or move Oscar anymore. And though they work hard every day, buying a wheelchair is still too big an expense for them.

“I always ask him if he wants to go outside and he always nods; I know he longs to be able to go out,” Nilda said.

NEW LIFE. Operation Blessing checks Oscar’s condition.

When Operation Blessing visited Albay for a mission and met Oscar and Nilda, their lives changed forever. Oscar was able to receive a free wheelchair given by Operation Blessing, in partnership with the Free Wheelchair Mission.

OUTSIDE. Oscar tries his new personal wheelchair from Operation Blessing.

“I am very grateful to the Lord for giving Oscar a new wheelchair and he can now go outside,” said Nilda.

NEW LIFE OUTSIDE. Oscar is mobile again because of his very own wheelchair.

Oscar, finally, is mobile again and can now wheel around their yard and even help Nilda and her husband around the house. He is now able to live a new life outside his home.

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