Photographs were taken by volunteer photographer Ivan Llaneta

A Daughter Restored to Health

LUKLUKAN, CAMARINES NORTE – Abby, a young 33-year old mother, had always been focused on what she thought as their family’s biggest challenge: lack of financial resources. It got so bad that, at times, she would have food to prepare for her family. To take care of her four children, Abby had to budget her husband’s Php1,200.00 ($24) monthly income as a gold panner. Sometimes, she gets extra income from doing laundry services.

It came as quite a shock for Abby when she found out that her youngest child, three-year-old Trixie, was found to be malnourished. Trixie was stunted in growth and weighed too light for her age.

As part of the Bless-A-Child project, Trixie received free medical and dental services.

Thankfully, Trixie was selected to participate in Operation Blessing’s Bless-A-Child (BAC) project in Brgy. Luklukan Sur, Camarines Norte. Together with eight other malnourished kids, she was fed with nutritious meals every day for 10 months. She was even provided free medical and dental check-ups, medicines, and vitamins. This was a relief to Abby who could barely manage to feed her children.

At the closing project ceremony, Abby joyously described changes in Trixie: “She had more appetite to eat. She became livelier and more cheerful. I saw an overall improvement in her and her health!”

A Marriage Reconciled

As part of the holistic approach of the BAC project, the mothers underwent several seminars to equip them in better providing care for their families. Abby actively participated in the values formation and parenting seminars conducted by our local coordinators. She was thankful for the lessons she’s learned, not just about taking care of Trixie’s health, but also about herself and her relationships with her family.

Abby learned how to be a better wife because of the tips she learned from parenting seminars and counseling sessions included in the Bless-A-Child project.

Abby admitted that she had major trust issues with her husband. Through the seminars and the counseling from our local coordinators, she realized she needed to humble herself. She also learned to consistently pray for her husband and their relationship. Her prayers were answered when her husband noticed her change from a nagging wife to a submissive one. “Meron talagang pagbabago,” Abby described their relationship.

A Family Relieved

To help support the family get out of their condition and to sustain Trixie’s improvement in her health, OB granted Abby with a start-up poultry business. After only three months, she was able to sell all the chickens, the profit of which she used to buy another batch of chickens. She is now in the 2nd cycle of raising poultry and has begun to set aside savings for her children’s future.

Abby and Trixie pose beside their poultry business.

Abby is relieved to finally have the chance to dream for a better future for her kids. She is grateful that there are passionate individuals like you who are willing to lend them a hand.

Abby Serafico’s whole family smiles to thank all their donors and OB partners who helped them.

Abby shares, “Thank you. Our family has become better and closer because of Operation Blessing.

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