Rica Mangahas is on the verge of accomplishing a remarkable milestone in her life. As she approaches her graduation day, she reflects on the incredible journey she had with the unwavering support of Operation Blessing’s Back-To-School Project, in partnership with the Orphan’s Promise.

Rica had been completing her On-the-Job Training at Norzagaray National High School, and her experience had been nothing short of extraordinary. The students she interacted with admired her dedication and passion, affirming her choice to pursue a career in education and bringing great joy to her heart.

With just two overload subjects left to conquer, Rica eagerly awaits her graduation. The road had not been easy, but she persevered, determined to overcome every obstacle that may come her way.

Rica’s gratitude knows no bounds, and she considers Operation Blessing’s support to be the most unforgettable gift she had received. The scholarship provided to her had been a game-changer.

“Without it, I might have finished college, but the journey would have been financially burdensome,” she admits. The scholarship eased the strain on her family’s finances, and for that, Rica felt truly blessed.

More than just financial assistance, Operation Blessing had become an extended family for Rica. The bond she shared with fellow scholars was a source of strength and encouragement. Together, they had created a supportive community that uplifted and inspired one another to strive for greatness.

Being a scholar has also allowed Rica to focus on her studies with renewed dedication. She had excelled academically to the point where, if the school awarded Latin honors to course shifters, she would be qualified. However, regardless of accolades, her prayer and hope were centered on the upcoming Licensure Examination for Teachers. Rica believed that with the Lord’s guidance, she would achieve remarkable results, trusting in His greater plans for her life.

“The generosity I have experienced from Operation Blessing has inspired me to pay it forward. Because of it, I feel deeply moved to share the blessings I have received with others and make a positive impact in their lives, just as has been done for me.”

As Rica stands ready to embrace the next chapter, she carries with her the support, love, and faith she received from people who assisted her studies. “Your support has been truly a blessing in my life. Thank you, Operation Blessing!”

If you want to partner with us in providing long-term support for our Back-To-School beneficiaries, give at www.operationblessing.ph/give. For inquiries, contact 09399215543 or 09189067753.

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