Written By Eva Niña P. Sta. Ana, Writer, Operation Blessing Philippines


The little soldier

Lance Salvador, a 5-year-old boy from Daet, Camarines Norte has only one dream when he grows up.

When asked what he wanted to become, he said he does not want to be an engineer not even to be a doctor. He also does not want to be an actor, much more to be an action star. All he ever wanted was to become a soldier.

Active, sociable and friendly, you will not notice any sign of him being an undernourished kid. Lance is one of Operation Blessing’s newest Bless-A-Child (BAC) beneficiaries. He is the third child of Daisy Inones and Rolando Salvador, both are 36 years old.

Working as a furniture-maker and earning P300 ($16) a day, Rolando does not mind getting his hands dirty and rough, each day, just to sustain their family’s basic needs, including his children’s educational needs. Rolando and his wife have not been able to finish school. For them, education is the only inheritance they can leave on to their children. Even if it would seem impossible for them to send all children to school and make them finish their studies, they are positive, because they will do anything, just to support their children’s education.

Lance is currently enrolled in a village day care center. According to his mother, Lance is quite naughty but he is serious about his education. He is smart. He wanted to learn new things.

It may be a long way to go for Lance to get to become a full-pledge soldier, but one thing is certain, he is on way there because  he has very supportive parents who will sure to back him up along his life’s journey.


Lance welcomes Operation Blessing in their humble home

When Lance mentioned he wanted to be a soldier, his mother laughed at him but she said that they will do their best to support him to reach his dream. When asked why he wanted to be a soldier, the little boy answered, “Gusto ko ipagtanggol ang mga kawawa. Gusto kong ipagtanggol sila Mama [I wanted to defend those who live a miserable life. I wanted to defend my mother and my family].”  As young as he is, he is already thinking of other people’s welfare.

Nanay Daisy is very grateful that Lance became a beneficiary of OB’s BAC program. “Malaking bagay samin na mapasama si Lance sa programa ng Operation Blessing [It is  really a big help to our family that Lance became part of this program].” For them, Lance’s involvement with OB’s program is a stepping stone for him to reach his dreams.


Lance poses to the camera with the mascot



Lance and her mother are all smiles after receiving simple gifts from Operation Blessing



A declaration was written by Lance in front of their door

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