Typhoon Jolina, known internationally as Tropical Storm Conson, hit landfall nine times during its onslaught from Monday, September 6th to Wednesday, September 8th. It was a severe tropical cyclone that impacted the central Philippines.

Velma Basilan, 51 years of age, is one of the disaster-stricken Filipinos who received food packs and bibles from Operation Blessing’s Disaster Response for Typhoon Jolina. She lives by herself in Samar, and her son currently resides in Manila with his wife and children. Her home incurred structural damage because of the storm.

When the typhoon hit, Velma gathered as many things as she could and sought shelter at her cousin’s house. She tried to save all of her belongings before her house is completely destroyed.

The Disaster Response Program of Operation Blessing springs into action whenever a natural disaster strikes the country, whether it’s a typhoon, earthquake, or volcanic eruption. Operation Blessing provides aid to disaster victims and distributes relief goods to help them endure and recover.

Velma sells Tuba products (Filipino Coconut Wine), for which she earns roughly ₱100 ($2) to ₱200 ($4) a day. With the relief goods she received, she can use her earnings to buy materials to fix her home. “Thank you very much Operation Blessing for helping us here in Samar,” says Velma.

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(Story by Gyals Visaya)