Life came crashing down for Ralph German in 2017 when his mother was diagnosed with a stage 2 cancer, while his father also had to stop working due to a hip ailment. His two siblings already had their own families to provide for, and another one was suffering from a mental condition. With all this, Ralph had to take on the weight of supporting himself and his family.

Ralph, who was then a senior high student, worked part time in his uncle’s automobile shop to help in his mother’s treatment and to augment their other needs.

Despite their circumstances, Ralph is determined to finish his studies. Until one day, a pastor visited them and prayed for his mother.

Ralph started attending a church and later learned to entrust everything to God. In 2019, his mother began recovering. That same year, Ralph received another blessing – he became a Back-to-School (BTS) scholar through his pastor’s recommendation to Operation Blessing.

While his needs in school were being provided, Ralph took advantage of having the classes online and continued working during daytime for extra income. His earnings help support his family’s basic needs.

After three years of being a BTS scholar, Ralph’s perseverance paid off. He finally graduated with a degree in Business Administration. Despite being a working student, he proved himself focused and dedicated in his studies. He was awarded three medals and four certificates along with his diploma.

” To all those behind the project (Back-to-School), thank you very much! Because of the scholarship, I was able to focus on my studies and not stress about how I could pay for school. Now, I am here graduating, and I have nothing but words of appreciation for all your help!”

Operation Blessing’s Back-to-School project provides students in adverse circumstances, as Ralph had been, with educational support to help our youth gain quality education and have a better chance to achieve their dreams in the future. MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO SOMEONE’S LIFE THROUGH EDUCATION TODAY! Partner with us by giving at