Written By Eva Niña P. Sta. Ana, Writer, Operation Blessing Philippines

Unplanned. Unexpected. Irene’s last pregnancy was unintentional.

Irene Mutya, 37, married, of Brgy Alahiwao, Daet, Camarines Norte was about to work abroad as a domestic helper to provide a better life for her family. During the processing of her requirements, she found out that she was pregnant.

Disappointed and frustrated, Irene had a small fight with her husband, Rey Lavarez, 38, because of the unplanned pregnancy. Having nothing to do with it, Irene and Rey agreed to continue the pregnancy and scratched her plan to go abroad.

Having three daughters, Rea, Suela and Rosemarie and Irene’s two sons from her previous relationship, Ryan, and Raphael, the couple is having a hard time providing for the family, even their children’s basic needs. Rey works as a farmer earning P250 ($13) a day,  while Irene stays at home to look after their children.

Due to financial difficulties, the couple was not able to send their children to school and provide them nutritious meals. Irene never had the chance to see a doctor for an ultrasound or even a check up, making her clueless of her child’s condition.

On the day that she was about to give birth, the baby’s feet accidentally burst out while she was in the toilet. Her sister-in-law brought her to the Provincial Hospital of Camarines Norte to deliver a breech birth.


The Camarines Norte Triplets- Christian, Andrew, Bryan (left to right)

On November 15, 2014, Irene gave birth to a bouncing baby boy at exactly 7:30 in the morning. Irene and her doctor were surprised because there was still a baby inside. After 2 hours of labor, Irene gave birth to her second baby boy.  Very weak and pale,  Irene was informed that there is still one more baby inside that needs to come out. Irene was very surprised but barely conscious of what she was going through.  At 1:30 in the afternoon, everyone in the operating room cheered up as the last baby came out. She had triplets.


Photo of a daily scene in Irene’s life.

Irene can no longer remember what happened, all she can remember was, she was seeing two angels vividly, encouraging her to fight and do not give up. For her, it was the very reason why she survived that near-death experience.

Irene’s birth pains experience was great.  Physically drained, but emotionally, she was filled with joy knowing she has triplets. For her, it was tripled pain but tripled blessing as well.

Rey was very surprised when Irene came back home from the hospital. He asked her, “O bakit nag ampon ka pa ng dalawa?” seeing the other two babies. (Oh, why do you have to adopt two more babies?) It was kind of a joke but he was seriously thinking, “Pano ko bubuhayin ‘tong mga bata na’to?” (How would I be able to raise all these children?) With perseverance, determination, and love for the triplets, the couple decided to raise their children, no matter what. For them, adoption will never be an option. They will do everything they can to provide and give a better life to their already big family.

Operation Blessing Philippines team  intentionally looked for the triplets after a video of them went viral on social media. OB sought the three undernourished children to include them in the feeding activities through the Bless-A-Child Program. It is 10 months of proper and nutritional feeding. Parents are also given free seminars and training to improve their parental engagement in the education and health of their  children.


Photo opp with the fast-food mascot after the diagnostic and laboratory exam.

For Irene and Rey, Operation Blessing is an answered prayer. Everyday may be hard for them but everyday is a great opportunity to showcase their love for their kids.

Share with Operation Blessing Philippines the compassion for our needy kababayans and in committing to provide proper nourishment for children in need. Like for the family of Irene and Rey, your donations can help make a family stronger and bonded with love and hope. Give today! Visit www.obphil.com or call as at 477-7806.