Written By Eva Niña P. Sta. Ana, Writer, Operation Blessing Philippines

Life can truly change in an instant.

One hot afternoon in September 2015, 57-year-old Teofilo Carranza was found sitting half-paralyzed outside their home. He was rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed to have had a stroke.

Since then, Teofilo could no longer live on his own as he had difficulty in walking and struggled with his speech. His 59-year-old wife Merlyn became his hands and feet.


Teofilo, together with her wife Merlyn, while being checked- up by one of Operation Blessing’s volunteer doctor.

It was on the last day of the Bolinao medical mission of Operation Blessing Philippines and JAC Liner Inc. when Merlyn brought a weak Teofilo sitting in an old rusted wheelchair.  They were informed that OB was giving away free wheelchairs for disabled people and were expectant to receive one.

While waiting their turn for the free medical check-up, CBN staff shared to the Carranzas Christ’s death on the cross and that any disease or sickness had no power over anyone. When asked if Teofilo wanted to walk again, Teofilo answered, “Oo! [Yes!],” with tears on his eyes. After they were prayed over, Teofilo tried to walk, while Merlyn cheered by his side. Little by little, Teofilo had the strength to stand up and walk on his own. Everyone was amazed at what happened, especially Teofilo and his wife.

During the check-up, the couple were given advice to help improve Teofilo’s condition and Merlyn promised to do her part for her husband’s fast recovery. They were given basic medicines for Teofilo’s condition and vitamins for added strength.


Teofilo stood up trying his best to take a step of faith to walk again.

Though the couple were not able to receive a wheelchair that day, they were given a brighter hope for Teofilo’s recovery. The Carranzas were very much excited to see Teofilo regain his health. Both were looking forward to Teofilo’s healing as well as a closer relationship with one another centered on their renewed faith in God.

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