While we administer health and healing to people in far-flung and difficult communities, little do we know that OB’s medical missions are also healing for the team. One of those who testifed is Dr. Amanda Susulin, 28, one of our youngest and newest volunteer doctors. While being “lost” in her career, she found joy and passion in OB.

Dr. Amanda was invited by a friend who also recently joined OB’s pool of volunteers. Seeing that OB has values that align with hers, she did not hesitate to sign up and commit to joining a mission.

It has always been in her heart to help the needy and to care for them with love and compassion. This is noticeable in the way she asks questions and examines each patient. She was tactful, gentle, and very patient with each one of them. However, this passion in her heart was put out during her residency.

“My residency had been difficult for me,” she vulnerably shared. “The demands and workload sapped my strength and joy. I love being a doctor. I like what I do. But later on, because of the fatigue, I found myself doing tasks just for the sake of compliance. I no longer treat my patients with compassion because I have nothing left in me to give.”

So, after a long time of weighing the pros and cons and prayerful decision-making, she left her job to take a break and give herself some time and space. In that season is when she found OB.

“OB’s medical mission gives me a chance to help people who are in need and serve them with love and compassion. It feels so heartwarming when patients say a simple but grateful ‘thank you’ for our service,” she shares.

She even shared that joining OB’s missions birthed out a dream in her heart—a dream to keep on doing missions and serving the needy until she grows old for the rest of her life, inspired by the senior doctors she met in OB.

We appreciate the time and service our volunteers selflessly give to the work of Operation Blessing. We are also happy to know that our missions help restore joy, passion, and compassion in their hearts. Not only the patients are helped but also the volunteers.

For this, all glory belongs to God!

Do you also have a tug in your heart to serve through volunteerism? Join OB’s pool of volunteers! Sign up at https://operationblessing.ph/volunteer/.