Even before turning one, Jaidin, 3, has always been sick with diarrhea, UTI, pneumonia and bronchitis. Her mother, Jane, cannot afford to send Jaidin to a hospital for a proper medication or even provide her daily needed nutrients because of the family’s limited income. Jane’s husband works in a quarrying company earning PhP3,000 monthly.

When Operation Blessing visited their community, Jaidin was selected to become a part of the project. She was too thin, very fragile-looking and small for her age, and she was sick. Her parents were worried about her.

Jane holds Jaidin as they pose in front of their makeshift house.

It has been months since the project started, providing daily healthy meals and regular medical checkup. After several months, the impact of the feeding program is already evident in Jaidin’s body! She already gained additional 3 kilos and is so energetic than ever.

“She is now very active and lively than before. She has also learned how to use spoon and fork now and to say ‘po’ and ‘opo’ when talking to elders,” says Baby Jane.

Jane smiles as she describes the Bless-A-Child project as “feeding with so much love.”

Jane who described the project as “feeding with so much love,” was so grateful to OB. “I am so thankful. This is a great act from Operation Blessing because you helped our children. Besides that, we, as parents, also learned how to prepare food for our kids and to handle food properly.”

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