Photographs by Eliz Nuevo, volunteer photographer

LUKLUKAN SUR, CAMARINES NORTE—Rina, 29, just wants the best for her only child. She cannot bear to lose Ginalyn after experiencing so many tragedies already. She tries to manage their household, but with Rina’s current husband working as a miner, their income is highly erratic.

ONLY CHILD—Rina holds hands with her “only” child, Ginalyn.

Rina’s first husband died due to drowning, and while she was still grieving, her mother-in-law took and kept her two other children. The last time she saw her two children was almost a year ago. It was extremely painful and difficult for Rina losing almost all of her family, save for her precious Ginalyn. For the only child left under her care, she wants to provide the best that she can give. But the best that Rina dreams for her daughter is almost impossible.

THE DUTIFUL MOTHER—Rina enjoys her time with Ginalyn.

To try and provide more for Ginalyn, Rina decided to work as household help in Manila when her daughter was about to turn a year old. At that time, Ginalyn’s health started to deteriorate. She became malnourished and was losing a lot of weight. Burdened by this, Rina decided to go back to her hometown and be with her child. But apart from the physical presence, there was nothing else she could offer to help her ill daughter.

HOPEFUL—Rina just wants the best for her child’s future.

Fortunately, an opportunity came when Ginalyn was selected for Operation Blessing’s Bless-A-Child (BAC) project in their community. Under the program, Ginalyn was able to eat nutritious meals daily. Rina is so grateful because she has witnessed how her child’s health and appetite improved. Ginalyn has gained an ample amount of weight, and is even the heaviest she has ever been! Moreover, Rina has learned new skills she can use to be a better mother for Ginalyn through the parenting seminars of BAC.

BEYOND GRATEFUL—Rina thanks everyone who helped them

Rina believes that the BAC project is one step forward to leading her child to a better future. She shares, “Thank you so much and may you be able to bless more kids and families.”
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