Janeth is a sweet 11-year old girl from Camalig, Albay who has cerebral palsy. She has been living with her grandmother, Lola Vacion, 64, for eight years now.

LIVING TOGETHER – Lola Vacion and Janeth live in a peaceful and humble home in Camalig, Albay

“When Janeth was a baby, her head seemed a little smaller than normal and we noticed her feet were too straight, but we didn’t think of it as anything serious to worry about,” Lola Vacion shared. “It wasn’t until when she got a little older that we noticed more drastic changes in her body” she continued.

A GRANDMOTHER’S CARESS – Janeth enjoys the caress of Lola Vacion

It was at that time, when Janeth was 3, that her parents left to try and earn a living – her mother abroad and her father in Manila. Now, both Janeth’s parents have their own families where they live. Lola Vacion is now left to carry her granddaughter around everywhere – to the bathroom, to go sit outside, to visit the health center. Even with the support that Janeth’s father sends, they couldn’t have ever dreamt to be able to buy a wheelchair.

THE HELPING SHOULDER – Lola Vacion has to carry Janeth everywhere.

As Lola Vacion is getting older, it’s been more difficult to carry Janeth where she needs to go. She has been trying to find different ways to help Janeth get a wheelchair. “Every election period, I would go to the barangay, hoping that my request for any help for a wheelchair for Janeth would be granted,” Grandma Vacion shared. “I’ve been praying that Janeth would have her own wheelchair.”

PRAYER GRANTED! An Operation Blessing staff visits Janeth.

When Operation Blessing came to their town in Camalig, Albay for a medical mission, Janeth’s and Lola Vacion’s lives would be changed forever. In partnership with the Free Wheelchair Mission, Operation Blessing volunteers brought a brand-new wheelchair to Janeth’s house. Lola Vacion was not able to hide her smiles because, at last, her prayers for her granddaughter have been answered!

OWN WHEELCHAIR – Janeth has been granted her very own wheelchair.

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