John Clark Molina, 19, is Operation Blessing’s sole Back-to-School scholar in Davao De Oro.

John Clark is the eldest son among six children in their family. His father is a construction worker earning ₱320.00 ($6.60) daily, while her mother is a plain housewife. The income of his father is barely enough for the daily basic needs of their family.

John is grateful that he became a BTS scholar. He shared it was an unexpected gift for him and until now, it was clear to his memories how this opportunity came knocking at their door along with all its blessings.

In 2019, a neighbor who is a member of L.I.F.E. Ministries Church, OB’s partner church in Davao De Oro, informed John that he could apply for the scholarship through their church and invited him to attend their youth fellowship.

During that time, John stopped schooling because his parents cannot afford to send him to college.

Curious, John attended the fellowship. Unknown to him, that moment will change his life forever.

“I used to be rude, every time other people try to talk about God with me, I just laugh and walk away. But that night my neighbor invited me was different. During the praise and worship, I felt different, I cannot explain. I never felt that way before, and I started to cry and pray.” John shared, that night, he surrendered his life to Jesus.

That same night, he told his parents of his experience and invited them to church, his family attended the next prayer meeting.

Since then, his whole family knew more about God and were assured of their salvation.

John and his family (photo by John)

Now, John Clark is in his second year of taking up Bachelor of Science in Education.

“OB helped me a lot, in my monthly allowance and tuition fee, they supported me as much as they can. This assistance helped me focus on my goal and to improve my school performance, especially my grades.”

But more than the material blessing, he is thankful that he had known God and is continually growing with Him each day, taking every opportunity to share the Gospel he received with others, too.

“I am now involved in the children ministry of our church; I teach children every summer about God. Sometimes, I also serve as a guitarist in the praise and worship team,” said John.

John is just one of the 55 scholars who can continue their studies through OB’s Back-To-School project. You, too, can become God’s channel of blessings today. Through your gifts, many youths will continue to dream and be able to run toward those dreams.

For more details on how to donate and make a sponsorship, visit or contact 09399215543 or 09189067753. #BackToSchool