When Jovelyn learned that her youngest son, Angelo, has lost his ability to walk, her mind is flooded with uncertainty. She doesn’t know what life has in store for him.

The doctors could not give an exact diagnosis on Angelo’s real condition because what the parents of the 12-year-old boy, remembered is that he got infections on the day he was born, that resulted to his current condition. He could not walk, talk, and play with the other children.

Every day, Angelo’s parents take turns on carrying Angelo on their backs because they do not want to leave him alone in their house, while they tend to their farm in the mountains of Talaingod, Davao City. Angelo’s parents would give their best to provide for their 10 young children,  yet it is still a constant struggle for them to make ends meet, and providing a wheelchair for Angelo adds up to their worries.

Meanwhile, Jovelyn is not getting any younger, Angelo is growing up as well, that it becomes harder for his parents to take him out and even help him move around the house.

Jovelyn shared an unpleasant experience saying, “I could not forget that day when we fell off the elevated road going to the farm because there was erosion. All I thought of that time was Angelo. I stood up immediately from where I landed and secured Angelo.”

“I always carry Angelo, wherever I go. Even when we harvest crops, Angelo is still on my back. I just cannot leave Angelo anywhere,” said Jovelyn.

When Operation Blessing had its Mobile Health Clinic in Talaingod, Davao City, Jovelyn came in with Angelo. In the mission site, they were given free medical checkups and free medicines. Operation Blessing and the Free Wheelchair Missions also provided a sturdy and comfortable wheelchair to Angelo.

“I am very much grateful that someone took notice of our situation. When I saw the wheelchair, my happiness stretched to the skies because I can now rest my back from carrying Angelo,” Jovelyn shared and continued, “It is truly hard to care for a child like Angelo.  But I can do all these because I love my children. Thank you very much for the blessing that you have given us.”

When you give, you do not give wheelchairs or free medicines alone. But hope and life transformation. Be an Operation Blessing Partner NOW.