Gliesa experienced the fulfillment of her long-standing prayers, as promised in Isaiah 60:22 – “when the time is right, the Lord will make it happen.”

Born with clubfoot and enduring childhood teasing, she prayed for the necessary surgery to correct her condition.

Despite two previous opportunities for free surgeries, Gliesa couldn’t accept them due to a lack of capable relatives to accompany her. Unexpectedly, during Operation Blessing’s Medical Brigade in Bukidnon, Gliesa learned about the activities with Superbook and was able to attend, excitedly joining the event.

“We were in school back then, and we heard Gizmo was nearby. My classmates and I went out of our classrooms hoping we could have a chance to have a picture with Gizmo,” recalls Gliesa.

When an OB staff spotted her, hope flickered as they offered her the chance for surgery to correct her clubfoot.

Uncertain given past missed opportunities, Gliesa’s hope turned into reality last July. Her mother, Rhona, who worked abroad, returned for a vacation and decided to stay, accompanying Gliesa for the surgery they had prayed for.

In November 2023, in partnership with Tebow CURE Hospital, Gliesa underwent surgery on her right foot, with plans in place for her left foot once the right one fully heals.

Filled with joy, Gliesa and her mother expressed gratitude to God and those who made the surgery possible. “God is the best! He connected us with the incredible folks who made Gliesa’s surgery a reality. In my 44 years of existence, I’ve never felt such presence. Thank you, Lord, and a massive thanks to all of you,” says Rhona, who was unable to hold back tears of joy.

Let’s join in prayer for Gliesa’s swift healing and recovery. Those interested in supporting other Life-Changing Surgery patients can contact us at 09399215543 or 09189067753.

Special thanks to Seeds of Dignity Ministries and Tebow CURE Hospital.

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