Written By Cervin P. Bariso, Writer, Operation Blessing Philippines

The challenge for children today is dreaming without limits and being able to achieve their goals eventually. In the case of John Dave Galangue, 14, the latter’s the one he needs to brave – and he is doing this alone. John Dave faces each day hoping that when he grows up, he’ll be either a seaman or a computer engineer. “If ever someone would offer me work in exchange for the chance to study, I’ll accept whatever that work is,” he said, showing that his desire to finish his studies is genuine.

He lives with his 19 year old cousin, Ramban Malisi, who’s also an orphan. Ramban’s father left them for a new family when his mother became addicted to illegal drugs. He earns money by selling fish, but cannot support John Dave through it. “We both need the money,” said John Dave, in sympathy for his cousin.

John Dave’s parents got separated. His mother left them, and he can no longer remember what she looks like, while in 2014, his father died in a motorcycle accident. This forced him to depend on his grandmother and auntie when his oldest brother also had to go to the city to find a living at 19. However, when both got sick, John Dave had no choice but to live on his own.

John Dave and Ramban fit themselves in a small room with no ventilation in one of the bunkhouses the government built for the family-survivors of Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) in Brgy. Bangon, Basey, Western Samar. Education is free, but sustaining it demands a lot, especially for a boy like John Dave. “I’m in grade six but I should be in grade nine by now. I am only able to go to school once or twice a week, that’s why,” John Dave disclosed.

When not in school, he drives a pedicab (cycle rickshaw), cleans the bunkhouses and draws water for other residents in order to earn. What John Dave earns only allows him to buy one meal a day; other necessities, he can’t afford. “I only bring a bag and paper to school. When I get to the classroom, I just borrow a pen from my classmates,” he explains.JD delivering water to neighbor for extra moneyJD walking in bunkhouse communityJD using OB well with OB rep

John Dave and Ramban are among the residents who fetch water from the well Operation Blessing Philippines (OB) drilled in Brgy. Bangon after Yolanda’s devastation. John Dave explains that they don’t like the water from the bunkhouse because it tastes like chlorine.

OB wants to give him more than the water he needs daily. Help us in alleviating John Dave’s hardship everyday, which may worsen if it remains unaided. “I can endure what I am doing every day. The hardest part, though, is when you don’t have a family who can send you to school,” John Dave said.

Join us in reaching John Dave and a thousand more children to prevent their hopes from fading, especially those like John Dave who keep dreaming even at their lowest points. Help him and more children get back to school today so we will see successful youth in the future! Visit http://staging2.obphil.com/home, or call us at 477 7802 to 06 to find out how.