Written by Fred Deserva, volunteer writer and photographer

Michael Aniban and his family live in a small nipa hut near the sea in Northern Samar. Michael has been a fisherman since he was a boy. This is also their main source of income since his wife tends to the needs of their 4 children at home.

Being a fisherman is not an easy job. With his worn-out fishnets, he goes in the middle of the sea to lay nets and wait for almost a day or two just to catch a little to a decent amount of fish and crabs, which he and wife sell in their community. At times, he also works at the construction site as a helper.

To make things more complicated, their youngest child, Mitch, is sickly and malnourished while growing up. Because of that, she only stays at home and does not socialize with other children. Michael and his wife Sally want only the best for their children, but all their efforts are only enough for their daily needs.

When Operation Blessing learned of the health condition of Mitch, it provided 10 months of daily healthy meals and regular medical checkup for the young girl. OB also gave Michael new fishing nets and accessories so they could sustain what OB had provided for his family. Mitch now has also gained weight and has an improved health condition.

Through the 10 months filled with seminars on values formation, biblical parenting, health education, skills training, and financial saving, Michael and Sally admit they still have more things to know about parenting and their marriage.

With all these, the local coordinators can testify how Michael and his family have been transformed by the program. Life is not easy. But Michael is now determined to give his family a happy and healthy life.

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