With dry skin and dry hair, 3-year-old Blake and 2-year-old Alfonso were diagnosed as undernourished. Their arms and legs were thin and their stomach was big, their health was at stake.

This was an urgent problem for parents Mary Jane and her husband Michael, aside from the fact that they have to survive their everyday lives like many other families in Northern Samar. Their children needed proper nourishment.

More Than Just Surviving in Northern Samar

Mary Jane and Alfonso during Operation Blessing’s initial interview with the family.

Fortunately, Operation Blessing (OB) had their Bless-A-Child program in writingyouressay.com their area. It involves feeding the undernourished children and conducting seminars for the parents on parenting, health education, and sustainable livelihood.

More Than Just Surviving in Northern Samar

Alfonso eating his lunch at the feeding area.

Though hesitant at first, Mary Jane enrolled her 2 young boys in the program after being encouraged by her husband and a local church partner.

Blake and Alfonso went through 10 months of daily proper feeding while Mary Jane attended the seminars for parents. They liked the food that was served to them during the feeding program and enjoyed socializing with other children.

More than just surviving

Blake is now a healthy boy who loves playing and laughing with his brother Alfonso.

Through the commitment of OB coordinators, Blake and Alfonso had been free from malnutrition after a year of feeding. They also learned proper hygiene like brushing teeth, washing hands, and wearing clothes and slippers.

For these, Mary Jane is very thankful. The OB local coordinator commits to visit them weekly to ensure that the health improvement of the children is consistent.

More than just surviving

Alfonso now loves making friends with other children in their community.

Operation Blessing’s Bless-A-Child Program does not only provide nutritious meals and monthly health care to the undernourished children but also helps educate parents about smart parenting and improvement of the health of their children.

You can reach out to the fragile lives of these children by partnering with us through your generous giving.