Written By Eva Niña P. Sta. Ana, Writer, Operation Blessing Philippines

In a home with more than one kid, rivalries are always present. Younger kids tend to act old – they do whatever they want. Older ones think that younger ones always get the attention of the parents. Having such household chaos, parents tend to be referees on a boxing match. But how is it in a home without parents?

This is the story of Gerald and Gary Caampuet.

Eighteen-year-old Gerald, with his two younger brothers – Garry, 16, Gilbert, 8 – stayed with a family friend, Sancho Hernaez, 60, in Santiago Island, Bolinao Pangasinan, after their parents died.

His father,Geralden, died because of stroke while his mother Lencia, died because of asthma. Their eldest works in Manila as a fast food crew and the other elder sibling is a working student. Both of them provides for the family’s basic needs. Their elder siblings give them allowance of Php 800-1000 every week and Gary manages all their expenses. Aside from taking care of Gerald, Gary also attends to Gilbert’s needs.

Since Gerald’s birth, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. His condition hinders him to walk and talk. His disability left all the responsibilities in their house to his younger brothers, Gary and Gilbert.

In spite of Gary’s busy schedule, he still continues his studies. When he and Gilbert were in school, Sancho, looks after Gerald.

Gary is already in 11th Grade. When asked if he will continue to study and finish college, he answered, “[Opo. Gusto ko po mag college at tapusin ang pag aaral ko pero ang iniisip ko po sino mag aalaga kay Kuya Gerald at Gilbert].” Yes, I wanted to go to college and finish school but what I’m thinking about is, Kuya Gerald and Gilbert, who will look after them? And followed up with another question of how hard their situation is, Gary answered with a big smile on his face, “[Hindi naman po. Ayos lang po. Nasanay na ko.]” It’s not hard. It’s okay with me. I am used to it.

Operation Blessing Philippines met Gerald and Gary on the third day of Bolinao Medical Mission. Gary was excessively sweating and smiling while carrying his Kuya Gerald. During the interview with Gary, he consistently wipes his Kuya’s mouth and feeds him with candies.


Gerald was very happy to receive his first wheelchair

Seeing how passionate, loving, and courageous Gary is for his brothers, OB gave them a wheelchair from Free Wheel Chair Mission so Gary will not have to carry Gerald. He can now bring Gerald around their barangay.

Upon receiving the wheelchair, it was evident how happy Gerald was; more so with Gary!


It was evident how happy Gerald was; more so with Gary!

Gerald and Gary’s bond will be more intimate. They can now create more memories together as they go around their place using the wheelchair.

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