Born with a cleft lip, 3-year-old Jericho Maritana quietly plays with other kids, laughing with them but cannot talk in conversations.

Though not ashamed of it, his mother, Nanay Analyn, wonders why he got this condition when nobody else in their family had it.

“When kids ask me why my son does not talk, I would just tell them, ‘that’s just how it is’,” says Nanay Analyn.

With 2 older kids who are already living with her parents, housewife Nanay Analyn lost her hope for Jericho’s medical intervention when she got to know that she can’t afford to pay for the cleft lip surgery.

“I was hoping that there would be someone who could help us,” Nanay Analyn said.

But then, Operation Blessing rekindled that hope in her heart. She celebrated Jericho’s 2nd birthday and the answer to her prayers when her son underwent first Cleft Lip and Palate surgery in May 2017.

Nanay Analyn gratefully said, “We are so grateful that you are all there for us, for those who you reach out to and help.”

Jericho’s smile became a sign of hope for his whole family. Thank you for your help, let us help more children with Cleft Lip and Palate condition.

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