junjun and siblings

Junjun (sitting 2nd from right), he belongs to an Aeta tribe from Brgy. Inararo, Porac, Pampanga.

During the earthquake, the 16-year old boy immediately evacuated his 6 other siblings and his grandparents to the open area.

“I thought some people were just throwing stones at our house, when I saw the cracks, that’s when I realized it was an earthquake,” shared Junjun.

junjun receives relief packs

Junjun, with his aunt, just after receiving relief packs from Operation Blessing’s Disaster Relief Distribution.

Just right after the incident, they realized they could no longer live in their house because of the huge cracks on the wall. All they could do was to build a makeshift shelter outside their damaged house; and that’s where they are staying for a week now since Monday.

Makeshift tent outside their damaged house.

Junjun has been the breadwinner of their family, from the time their mother died, due to an unknown illness and their father, has abandoned them.

Junjun would walk go to the forest to look for food and other plants that they can eat, to be able to sustain themselves. There are times, he would also work for his neighbors and earn a hundred peso a day, which he uses to buy rice.

Since the trauma from the earthquake and the aftershocks, Junjun decided not to go in the forest yet to find food, so they had been depending on the relief goods given by different organizations and the Local Government Unit.

Junjun shares a good laugh with his siblings.

Operation Blessing has also provided food, water, mats, and blankets to them while they return to their normal lives.

“Thank you for this help. This is very helpful for my siblings,” Junjun said.

Even before a disaster strikes, as what Junjun  and siblings had experienced, we are already gathering and saving resources to help our kababayans. Partner with us in our One Step Ahead campaign.