Didith with water container; DR Porac Water Distribution

Didith at the water distribution site

“Malaking tulong po itong malinis na tubig dahil sa kabilang barangay pa kami nakiki-igib ng tubig at mahirap kumuha ng tubig.”

This clean water is a great help because it is hard for us to get water from the other barangay.

This is Didith, 38. Following the earthquake in Pampanga, Didith’s family has to start fetching water from other barangays or lines up at the nearby waterfalls for half an hour. Didith lives uphill Brgy. Villa Maria with her husband and 6 children.

Water has become a big problem for them and the other families in their barangay since the earthquake. Didith’s family used to buy water for 2 pesos per gallon from their barangay captain who has a jetmatic water pump in their backyard. But since the earthquake, the water pump was also slightly damaged, and they had no choice but to fetch water from a water pump in Brgy. Inararo, a 30mins walking distant barangay.

Didith and children; DR Porac Water Distribution

Didith and her children at the Water Distribution at Brgy. Villa Maria

When the earthquake happened, her husband was at the mountain farming, picking up food for their family, since his contract at his recent job just ended. Meanwhile, Didith was at home while her kids were playing outside.

Didith’s house is damaged, so they are sleeping outside their house, on the main road. They could not also go back to farming yet because of fear of the aftershocks. Her husband who is a construction helper cannot leave yet and work afar from them because he wanted to make sure his family is safe.

To at least help them while they’re going back to their normal lives, Operation Blessing, in partnership with the Manila Water Foundation, provided 5 gallons of clean and potable water for Didith and all the other families in Brgy. Villa Maria.

DR Porac Water Distribution

Water distribution at Brgy. Villa Maria, Porac, Pampanga

Aside from the water distributed, Operation Blessing also provided immediate aid, including food, mats, and blankets as their supplies have been limited for several days.

Now, Didith, who is also a barangay secretary, continues to help in the emergency of their barangay, while also tending to the needs of her family. She is very grateful that help and support from outside have been coming all the way to their community despite the distance, culture, race, and belief.

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