Written By Eva Niña P. Sta. Ana, Writer, Operation Blessing Philippines

It was like hitting two birds with one stone.

In one of Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines, Inc. (OB) outreaches, OB volunteers met the family of Emily Rosal, 33, and Jerry Agaton, 44. They were with their four children, Jasmine, 9, Jamil, 8, Kenth Jeyar, 5, and Jenny Rose,3.

Working as an on-call-carpenter earning Php 350 ($7) a day, Jerry can only provide the basic needs of the family; his salary cannot support their family’s health needs. Too focused on their daily needs, the health condition of his children is at risk.

20160517_172954dsc_0574During OB’s Bless-A-Child (BAC) program visit last July, Jenny Rose, the youngest child was diagnosed as a 3rd-degree-malnourished. Weighing 10 kg, she is short and small for her age. She is shy type and she does not like being around with other children.

When asked if Jenny Rose can be part of the BAC program, Emily and Jerry supported their daughter without a second thought. They were filled with joy to know that their daughter will be receiving health aide from Operation Blessing.

With the BAC program, Jenny Rose is undergoing proper feeding from Monday to Friday.  Jenny Rose along with other BAC beneficiaries are required to attend the feeding. After a month, there was no changes in Jenny Rose weight, but as reported by her mother Emily she had come out of her comfort zone – she now enjoys playing around with the other kids.

Part of the BAC program is to equip the parents with necessary education concerning health, parenting, values formation and livelihood. Emily is very excited for her daughter as well as for herself as she learns new things that will empower her as a mother.

No one can deny the fact that Emily and her husband will do everything for their children but due to financial difficulties they still encounter problems like lack of food to eat and provision for medical care.

Seeing the condition of their family after assessing their current status, Emily’s family was also privileged to be one of OB’s livelihood beneficiaries – they received a barbeque vending business. This may be small now but with faith and hard work, the status of their life can surely change. More importantly, they can now be a blessing to other families.


Operation Blessing staffs turned over barbeque vending business to Nanay Emily.

Emily and Jerry were overwhelmed with the blessings they have received. They feel that when OB came, two areas of their lives were changed. They are very excited about the transformation not only of Jenny Rose but especially their family. They are now filled with so much joy and so much hope knowing that there’s a bright future awaiting for their family.

Thank you, donors ! Your help is joy and hope to our kababayans. Continue to take part in transforming one child and one family at a time. For your donations, kindly click this link http://www.staging2.obphil.com/home/give-through-banks/.