Bledmarc Villanueva’s journey towards finishing school hasn’t really been easy. But through your help and support to Operation Blessing’s Back-To-School (BTS) Project, he now holds a bachelor’s degree in his hands. Dreams really do come true! Here is his story.

In his first year in college, Bledmarc recalls having financial difficulties whenever it was time to pay for tuition. It was his mother and sister who worked to support his studies, but what they earned even when combined weren’t enough.

Bledmarc’s mother found out about the opportunity for her son to be a part of OB’s BTS Project in church. As a solo parent, and one who doesn’t have a regular source of income, it was a huge blessing.

Bledmarc became a BTS scholar in his second year. As part of this scholarship program, he and his mom didn’t need to worry anymore about his school fees. He also received regular monthly allowance and school supplies including a tablet for easier online learning.

“The scholarship was a really huge help. Because of this, I finished school. Along the way, I also gained friends from the outreach and feeding programs I got involved in,” Bledmarc expresses with a grateful heart.

“Once I become successful in my professional career in the future, Operation Blessing will surely be one of the first ones I will go back and give back to,” he adds.


Bledmarc is just one of the many students in the community of BTS scholars — indigent but deserving senior high and college students whom we sponsor in the form of school fees, supplies, and uniforms.

There are more students like Bledmarc who have what it takes to soon be professionals contributing to make our world a better place to live in. In order to help them, we need sponsors like YOU! If you believe in this cause, donate today at You can also contact us at 0977-4780627 or 0939-9215543.


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