I am so happy when doctors came up here to us, because we no longer need to bring our patients to town for medical treatment. When doctors come up here, the whole family receive a free check-up.”

Grandmother Norming lives in a community where medical access is distant.

There’s a big smile in Norming’s face while she talks about how thankful she is of the help she and her grandchildren had received when Operation Blessing (OB) trekked to Sitio Quinao in Brgy. Puray, Rodriguez, Rizal for almost 4 hours to bring medical help to the Dumagat families.

Norming has taken custody of her 2 young grandchildren since her eldest daughter died in giving birth.
This Dumagat grandmother openly talks about her family’s struggle when medical help was not available in times of need.

Norming vividly remembered how she was so worried for her 2 grandchildren when they sustained stomach pain and fever just days before Operation Blessing hiked to their place.

I did not know what their illness was. What I just know was that they had stomach gas. I think they got it from the stream where they usually play,” Norming said.

A Pastor from Operation Blessing prays for Norming and her grandchildren.

Norming shared that they usually get water from the stream for their drinking and other household uses. When her grandchildren got ill, they have no means of buying medicines.

To help ease their pain, Norming used their traditional way of medicating by chewing a leaf and putting it on the painful area. Though it has eased the pain, Operation Blessing’s volunteer doctors have given them the proper medicines that they need.

Norming’s grandchild receives free dental assistance from Operation Blessing Medical Mission.

To also help them have clean and potable water, Operation Blessing provided a water filter to their community, which can also be beneficial to the other families.

I am so thankful that we now have clean water to drink. The children will not get sick anymore,” Norming said.

These two were grateful because of the medical assistance they have received.

Aside from the medical help, Operation Blessing gave a solar panel which was also installed to lighten up the communities of Quinao and Kanlusong. There were also free eyeglasses given, feeding program and slippers distribution for the children, and the free screening of Superbook.

Norming and her grandchildren are very grateful for what we have given to them.

Thank you very much, Operation Blessing, because despite the distance, the rough roads, and the hard trail, you reached out to us and blessed our community,” a grateful Norming said.

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