Free House in Tacloban

Regina’s dream is simple – she just wants a happy and contented family while living in their own comfortable house. But she realized it was not as easy as she thought it would be.

Regina is a housewife, while Edwin works as a tricycle driver and an on-call painter. They have been married for 10 years now and their children are all in high school.

Big Fights

Before Typhoon Yolanda came, Regina and Edwin Morillo frequently have big fights due to problems of debts and vices. When Yolanda came, all of their belongings were washed out. They needed to start anew.

However, Edwin’s income is never enough to sustain their daily needs. When they knew about Operation Blessing Philippines Community of Hope in Palanog, they applied and got accepted.

Regina and the children thought of having a new life with a new house in a new community, but Edwin’s vices are still there. Regina did not lose hope and she hoped that one day, Edwin will turn away from his bad habits and will become a new person.

Transformed Heart

One of the goals of Operation Blessing Philippines for the COH-Palanog is to transform each family with their renewed values and character and modified behavior. Little by little, Edwin has changed and he now becomes a responsible father and husband.

“When the OB staff are here, Edwin loves talking to them, even for hours. I rarely see him wasted due to alcohol anymore. I think he is much better now,” Regina continued, “He is now a responsible father to our children and he is providing their needs.”